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This encyclopedia presents a comprehensive overview of the rich scope of Taiwan studies and introduces the multifaceted aspects of Taiwan’s past and present in almost 600 entries, authored by more than 300 scholars worldwide.




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Podcast: A Journey of Discovery. Reading a 19th Century Illustrated Map of the Himalayas

Listen to a podcast with Diana Lange, where she discusses her latest book An Atlas of the Himalayas.

Major Open Access Collaboration between Brill and ERC Project ‘Open Philology: The Composition of Buddhist Scriptures’

Brill has entered a new Open Access collaboration with ‘Open Philology: The Composition of Buddhist Scriptures’ (OpenPhilology), funded by the European Research Council. The resulting book series Buddhist Open Philology Project will publish translations of scriptures, text editions, and studies on the select corpus of Mahāyāna Buddhist scriptures (sūtra), the Mahāratnakūṭa collection of 49 sūtras. All volumes in the series will be published in Open Access with Brill.

Brill Asia Opens a Branch Office in Beijing

Brill has opened a new office in Beijing to serve our customers in their own language and time-zone.

Economy, Education, Environment, Law, Population and Labor, and Society
The Chinese Research Perspectives Online includes English translations of contributions selected from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Yearbooks. The Chinese-language CASS Yearbooks, published by Social Sciences Academic Press, are edited principally by leading researchers from CASS and other top research institutions and universities in China. The Yearbooks include up-to-date information, data and discussions of China’s top scholars on contemporary issues in their country. The English-language Chinese Research Perspectives Online covers six subject areas*: Economy, Education, the Environment, Legal Development, Population and Labor, and Society. Each subject area has an international editorial board to review and select contributions that provide English readers with firsthand information and insights produced by Chinese scholars. The selected contributions are translated into English and included in this Chinese Research Perspectives Online, which provides interested students, scholars and policy makers with rich source materials on the current developments and trends of a wide range of social aspects in China.

*Among the six subject areas, Economy and Legal Development were terminated since 2012. The other four subject areas continue to have annual updates in this online product.
Recently relaunched in March 2019 with many improvements and new content, Brill’s Encyclopedia of Hinduism presents the latest research on all the main aspects of the Hindu traditions. Its essays are original work written by the world’s foremost scholars on Hinduism. The encyclopedia presents a balanced and even-handed view of Hinduism, recognizing the divergent perspectives and methods in the academic study of a religion that is both an ancient historical tradition and a flourishing tradition today. The encyclopedia embraces the greatest possible diversity, plurality, and heterogeneity, thus emphasizing that Hinduism encompasses a variety of regional traditions as well as a global world religion. Presenting all essays and research from the heralded printed edition, Brill’s Encyclopedia of Hinduism is now available in a fully searchable, dynamic digital format. The service will include all content from the six printed volumes.

Volume I: Regions and the Regional Traditions / Sacred Space and Time / Gods, Goddesses, and Divine Powers
Volume II: Sacred Texts and Languages / Ritual Traditions / Arts / Concepts
Volume III: Society / Religious Specialists / Religious Traditions / Philosophy
Volume IV: Historical Perspectives / Poets, Teachers, and Saints / Relation to Other Religions and Traditions / Hinduism and Contemporary Issues
Volume V: Religious Symbols / Hinduism and Migration: Contemporary Communities outside South Asia / Some Modern Religious Groups and Teachers
Volume VI: Indices

Features and Benefits
• Access articles covering topics such as main regions within and beyond India and their regional traditions; sacred spaces and time and the various gods, goddesses, and divine powers of Hinduism past and present; major religious texts, literary genres, and sacred languages; performance, the arts, and ritual traditions; leading concepts and philosophical traditions; significant historical periods and eminent figures of saints, poets, and teachers; the interaction of Hinduism with other religions and the various responses of Hinduism to a number of contemporary issues such as feminism, human and animal rights, bioethics, and the Internet; and the place and role of Hinduism among communities in diaspora.
• Keyword and full-text search.
• Navigate extensive hyperlinked cross-references.
• Consult a comprehensive index of approximately 20,000 terms, concepts, and personal and place names accompanied by short explanations.
• View rich illustrations, maps, and photographs.

The Encyclopedia of Hinduism Online (ENHI) was originally published in 2012. It has now being relaunched with lots of improvements and some additional contents (but without a price increase).

* Improvements include:
1. All quotes, poems, lists, tables, images, diagrams, and other illustrations have a greatly improved appearance.
2. Corrections of factual errors handed in by authors over the years have been implemented.
3. “Forthcoming” in the bibliographies have been updated.
4. All URLs in the running texts and bibliographies have been verified and provided with a recent “accessed [date].” This resulted in removing close to half of them, as they are no longer available.

* New content (not included in the print edition):
1. Bhāgavatapurāṇa by Jonathan Edelmann
2. Cōmacuntara Nāyakar by Eric Steinschneider
3. Gayatri Pariwar by Daniel Heifetz
4. Haridwar by James Lochtefeld
5. Harivaṃśa by Simon Brodbeck
6. Kedarnath by Luke Whitmore
7. Omkareshwar by Jürgen Neuß
8. Pramukh Swami by Mamtora Bhakti
9. Śaiva Āgamas: The Four Pādas and Thirty-six Tattvas by T. Ganesan
10. Slavery by K.M. Shrimali
11. Soma by Matthew Clarke
12. Śrīdharasvāmin by Jonathan Edelmann
13. Srisailam by Prabhavati C. Reddy

In particular, the articles Soma (new insight regarding this psychotropic substance), Slavery (the topic having been denied/ignored for years in Indian studies), and Śaiva Āgamas (first time that the content – in contrast to the textual history – of this literary genre is dealt with in such depth) can be considered seminal.

Originally, Brill’s Encyclopedia of Hinduism was published as a finished product with no plans for updates. However, the editors have agreed to produce a 7th print volume, and these articles will be part of it. All existing customers will be able to access the new improved version and the added articles with no additional charge.
Brill’s Encyclopedia of China Online is based on the originally a thousand-page reference work on China with a clear focus on the modern period from the mid-nineteenth century to the 21st century. Written by the world’s top scholars, Brill’s Encyclopedia of China Online is the first place to look for reliable information on the history, geography, society, economy, politics, science, and culture of China. Originally published and warmly received in German (edited by the GIGA Institute of Asian Studies in Hamburg, published by WBG, Darmstadt, 2003), Brill’s Encyclopedia of China Online will serve both English-language students and faculty in conveniently providing a wealth of reliable and solid information on China.
Brill’s Encyclopedia of China Online was also published in print (ISBN 978-90-04-16863-3, Out of print).

Features and Benefits:
- Approx. 450 in-depth articles and approx. 850,000 words
- More than 100 black and white and full color illustrations, full color maps, and tables
- Bibliographies for further reading accompanying each article
- Extensive glossary of Chinese personal names
- Extensive indices

In Chinese Research Perspectives on the Environment, Volume 3 | ISBN: 9789004268791  21st Century Business Herald   Chapter 2 – The Rise and Challenges of Public Environmental Testing,   Chapter 18 – Soil Contamination Must be Dealt With Without Delay2008 Summer Olympic Games   Chapter 20 – Public Bicycles in Cities—Government Support is Key26-Degree Campaign   Chapter 2 – The Rise and Challenges of Public Environmental Testing A Civil Society Review of 20 Years of Sustainable Development   Majo...


In The China Society Yearbook, Volume 3 | ISBN: 9789004173507  Key words: laborer, labor relations, labor security legislation, laborer sector, labor dispute, trade union, system reform  In China, the labor relation coordination system was established based on a labor policy in which national policy and legislation protecting laborers' rights and interests is given priority and the voluntary gathering and exercising of personal rights on the part of the laborers is auxiliary. Since human-oriente...

Āb Band (in Tarakī territory) – Events of One Thousand Three Hundred and Four Hijri Nabawi/30 September 1886–18 September 1887 Āb Bāzak, Kābul – Events of the Year 1297/December 1879–December 1880 Āb-i Chakān – Events of One Thousand Three Hundred and Four Hijri Nabawi/30 September 1886–18 September 1887 Āb Kilī (Gaz 4: Ab Kīlī), manzil in Afghān Turkistān – Events of 1283/May 1866–May 1867 and the Accession of Amir Muhammad Afzal Khan to the Throne of the Amirate Āb-i Parān, Uruzgān – The Event...

Abāsīn River, India (Rūd-i Abāsīn) – Events of Rabiʿ al-Akhir 1316 A.H./19 August–16 September 1898 A.D.ʿAbbās ʿAlī, resident of Turbat-i Ḥaydarīyah, Iran – Events of Ziqaʿdah 1323 A.H./28 December 1905–26 January 1906 A.D.ʿAbbās ʿAlī K., son of Ḥājjī ʿAlī K. of Turbat-i ʿĪsā K., Iran – Events of Rajab 1315/26 November–25 December 1897ʿAbbās, Ḥājjī, son of ʿAbd al-Raḥīm, a Turk from Tabrīz and resident of Tamazan – Events of Safar 1321 A.H./29 April–27 May 1903 A.D. | Events of Ziqaʿdah 1321 A.H...

ʿAbd al-Ḥaqq, enemy of Muḥammad ʿUsmān Khān, the son of Ākhūndzādah Yaḥyā Bārakzāʾī – Bakhsh-i duwwum Events in the Hazarahjat (Appendix 1) ʿAbd al-Ḥaqq, merchant of Qandahār – Events of 1300 Hijri/1882–1883 ʿAbd al-Ḥaqq, Mīr, governor of Najrāb – He is God, the Sublime In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate | Events of 1298 Hijri/4 December 1880–22 November 1881 in Qandahar, Herat, and Elsewhere | Events of 1300 Hijri/1882–1883 | Events of 1300 Hijri/1882–1883 ʿAbd al-Ḥaqq, Mullā, ...

ʿAbd al-Majīd, Mullā – Events of Rabiʿ al-Awwal 1315 Hijri/31 July–29 August 1897ʿAbd al-Majīd, Mullā, qāżī of Gardīz – Events of Jumadi al-Ula 1319 A.H./16 August–14 September 1901 A.D.ʿAbd al-Majīd, Mullā, nephew of Mīrzā ʿAbd al-Khāliq K., son of Mirzā ʿAlī ʿAskar K. Qandahārī, exile in Mashhad – Events of Zihijjah 1321 A.H./18 February–17 March 1904 A.D.ʿAbd al-Malik, emissary of the “ra⁠ʾīs al-mujāhidīn” – Events of Jumadi al-Ukhra 1321 A.H./25 August–22 September 1903 A.D.ʿAbd al-Malik K.,...

ʿAbd al-Ṣamad Khān, Mīrzā, Tājik of Jalālābād – Events of the Hijri Year One Thousand Three Hundred and Fourteen, Equivalent to Pichi Yil/12 June 1896–1 June 1897 | Bakhsh-i siyyum The Capital, Kabul (Appendix 1) ʿAbd al-Ṣamad Khān, Mullā, qāżī of Kalāt – The Events of the Year One Thousand Three Hundred and Nine Lunar Hijri/7 August 1891–25 July 1892, Corresponding to the Twelfth Year of the Awe-inspiring and Mighty Reign of His Majesty Amir ʿAbd al-Rahman Khan | Events of One Thousand Three Hu...