Harvard Semitic Museum Publications E-Book Collection


All published volumes from the Harvard Semitic Studies, Harvard Semitic Monographs, and Studies in the Archaeology and History of the Levant series.

With volumes from the early 20th century through the present, the collection includes over 100 volumes that have never appeared in digital format.




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Brill was saddened to hear of the passing of Dr. Frans Wiggermann

He was a leading scholar in the study of Mesopotamian myths, monsters, religion, and medicine and was a dedicated editor to the Ancient Magic and Divination and Cuneiform Monographs series at Brill. Our sincere condolences to Dr. Wiggermann's family, friends, and colleagues.

Expected June 2021: The Rephaim - Sons of the Gods

Vol. 121 in the Culture and History of the Ancient Near East series. Jonathan Yogev provides a new theory regarding the mysterious characters, known as "Rephaim," in Biblical and ancient Near Eastern literature.

New issue published of Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient

The journal promotes world history from Asian and Middle Eastern perspectives.


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