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PDF Barkawi, Tarak - Army, Ethnicity and Society in British India Keywords: British Indian army British Indian army | colonial society colonial society | ethnicity


PDF Roy, Kaushik - Introduction: Warfare, Society and the Indian Army during the Two World Wars Keywords: colonial India colonial India | Indian Army Indian Army | World Wars


PDF Benoît, Majerus - Controlling Urban Society during World War I: Cooperation between Belgian Authorities and the Forces of Military Occupation Keywords: Belgium Belgium | Germany Germany | Western Front


PDF Hsia, Ke-chin - Who Provided Care for Wounded and Disabled Soldiers? Conceptualizing State-Civil Society Relationship in First World War Austria ISFWWS-Keywords: Austria-Hungary Austria-Hungary | Home fronts Home


PDF Krivanec, Eva - War on Stage. Home Front Entertainment in European Metropolises 1914–1918 ISFWWS-Keywords: Culture Culture | Home fronts Home fronts | French society during the war

PDF Cronier, Emanuelle - Leave and Schizophrenia: Permissionnaires in Paris During the First World War Keywords: French society during the war French society during the war | French Army and its combattants French Army and its

PDF Le Naour, Jean-Yves - The Great War between Degeneration and Regeneration Keywords: French society during the war French society during the war | Home fronts Home fronts | Culture


PDF Mizuno, Hiromi - The Science Room as an Archive: Taisho Japan and WWI ISFWWS-Keywords: Asia Asia | Science Science | Society Society

PDF Bürgschwentner, Joachim; Egger, Matthias; Barth-Scalmani, Gunda - Introduction: Approaching the Centenary 1914–2014 ISFWWS-Keywords: Legacy Legacy | General General | Society