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Belgium The status of Belgium during the First World War was a special one. Not only as a small, neutral country that had been drawn into the war against its will, but also as an occupied country that only knew the difference between frontline and occupied territories, Belgium did not experience the war in the same way as the other warring nations. The memory of the war that developed after 1918 was accordingly a different one. An additional psychological burden resulted from the fact that Belgium was a comparatively

PDF van Tuyll, Hubert P. - Last Chance: Belgium at Versailles Keywords: Belgium Belgium | Politics Politics | Legacy Legacy

PDF van Tuyll van Serooskerken, Hubert P. - The Spectre of Belgian Imperialism van Tuyll van Serooskerken Hubert P. The Netherlands and World War I

Albert I, King of the Belgians (April 8, 1875, Brussels – February 17, 1934, accident near Namur), King of the Belgians. Albert was the youngest son of Philippe Count of Flanders and Maria of Hohenzollern. In 1900 he married Elisabeth of Bavaria. They had three children: Leopold, Charles, and Marie-José. In 1909 he inherited the Belgian throne from his uncle Leopold II, and in stark contrast to the latter, immediately enjoyed enormous popularity. Instilled with a sense of duty, Albert also turned out to be a man of


PDF Engelen, Leen - Cinematic Representations of the Enemy in Belgian Silent Fiction Films Keywords: Fictional Fictional | Belgium Belgium | Germany

PDF Proctor, Tammy M. - La Dame Blanche : Gender and Espionage in Occupied Belgium Keywords: Belgium Belgium | Women and War Women and War | Home fronts


PDF Vaesen, J. - Between Passéisme and Modernisation? The Case of the Belgian Fortification System 1926–1940 Keywords: Belgian armed forces Belgian armed forces | decision-making process decision-making process


PDF Benoît, Majerus - Controlling Urban Society during World War I: Cooperation between Belgian Authorities and the Forces of Military Occupation Keywords: Belgium Belgium | Germany Germany | Western Front

PDF Liemann, Bernhard - The Transformation of Local Public Spheres: German, Belgian and Dutch Border Towns during the First World War Compared ISFWWS-Keywords: Home fronts Home fronts | Germany Germany


High Voltage Fence In early 1915 the German occupation forces in Belgium began the construction of a 300 km long high voltage fence along the Belgian-Dutch border. Conceived above all for security reasons, the project was a countermeasure against the continuing flight of more than 800,000 Belgians to Holland and Great Britain following the German occupation of their land. Moreover, German occupation forces feared enemy espionage and smuggling activities. The two-meter high barbed-wire fence, charged with about 2