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Austria-Hungary Concise accounts of how the war began in 1914 are frequently formulated as follows: On June 28, 1914, the heir to the Austrian throne was murdered in Sarajevo, thus leading to the outbreak of World War I. Some aspects of this formulation are wrong, others questionable; the true mistake, however, lies in the alleged causality, which is more concerned with the construction of war guilt than with any attempt to offer a historically accurate chronology and explanation. The truth is that the Austro-Hungarian

Armed Forces (Austria-Hungary) The organization of the Austro-Hungarian Armed Forces during the First World War originated in the Compromise of 1867. Under this agreement the Habsburg Monarchy sported the outward appearance of a dual monarchy, yet internally there was minimal uniformity, and the merest balance of interests. The major weakness of the Compromise between the Kingdom of Hungary and the remainder of the Double Monarchy was the fact that the Slavs within Austria-Hungary, who had mainly settled in the

PDF Steppan, Christian - The Camp Newspaper Nedelja as a Reflection of the Experience of Russian Prisoners of War in Austria-Hungary ISFWWS-Keywords: Russia Russia | Prisoners of War Prisoners of War

Declarations of War 1914 July 28 Austria-Hungary on Serbia August 1 Germany on Russia August 2 German invasion of Luxembourg without formal declaration of war August 3 Germany on France August 4 German invasion of Belgium* August 4 Great Britain enters the war* August 6 Serbia on Germany August 6 Austria-Hungary on Russia August 7 Montenegro on

PDF Lehnstaedt, Stephan - Two Kinds of Occupation? German and Austro-Hungarian Economic Policy in Congress Poland, 1915–1918 ISFWWS-Keywords: Poland Poland | Germany Germany | Austria-Hungary

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PDF Dornik, Wolfram - A School of Violence and Spatial Desires? Austro-Hungarian Experiences of War in Eastern Europe, 1914–1918 ISFWWS-Keywords: Austria-Hungary Austria-Hungary | Russian Front Russian Front


PDF Hsia, Ke-chin - Who Provided Care for Wounded and Disabled Soldiers? Conceptualizing State-Civil Society Relationship in First World War Austria ISFWWS-Keywords: Austria-Hungary Austria-Hungary | Home fronts Home


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PDF Kučera, Rudolf - Losing Manliness: Bohemian Workers and the Experience of the Home Front ISFWWS-Keywords: Austria-Hungary Austria-Hungary | Masculinity Masculinity | Home fronts