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German Asia Corps German Expeditionary Corps established for the purpose of recovering Baghdad. – After the capture of Baghdad by the British on March 11, 1917, the German and Turkish High Commands decided to set up the Army Group F (Yilderim) in order to recapture the capital city of the ancient caliphate. The German core unit was to be the Asia Corps (Pasha II), raised in Neuhammer/Silesia (modern Świętoszów). Initially commanded by Colonel Werner von Frankenberg und Proschlitz, the well-equipped Asia Corps at

PDF Chung, Yuehtsen Juliette - Sovereignty and Imperial Hygiene: Japan and the 1919 Cholera Epidemic in East Asia ISFWWS-Keywords: Asia Asia | Science, Technology, and Medicine Science, Technology, and Medicine


PDF Rand, Gavin - Allies to a Declining Power: The Martial Races, the Second World War and the End of the British Empire in South Asia Keywords: British Empire British Empire | interwar interwar


PDF Mizuno, Hiromi - The Science Room as an Archive: Taisho Japan and WWI ISFWWS-Keywords: Asia Asia | Science Science | Society Society

PDF Schencking, J. Charles - The Imperial Japanese Navy and the First World War: Unprecedented Opportunities and Harsh Realities ISFWWS-Keywords: Asia Asia | Naval Warfare Naval Warfare | Britain

PDF Nakatani, Tadashi - What Peace Meant to Japan: The Changeover at Paris in 1919 ISFWWS-Keywords: Peacemaking and Continued Conflict Peacemaking and Continued Conflict | Asia Asia | Legacy


PDF Minohara, Tosh - The Clash of Pride and Prejudice: The Immigration Issue and US-Japan Relations in the 1910s ISFWWS-Keywords: Asia Asia | The United States of America The United States of America


PDF Kimura, Masato - Securing the Maritime Trade: Triangular Frictions between the Merchant Marines of the US, UK and Japan ISFWWS-Keywords: Asia Asia | Economy Economy | Britain


PDF Dawley, Evan - Women on the Move: Shifting Patterns in Migration and the Colonization of Taiwan ISFWWS-Keywords: Asia Asia | Women and War Women and War | Politics

PDF Dusinberre, Martin - Of World History and Great Men: A Japanese Village and Its Worlds ISFWWS-Keywords: Asia Asia | Society Society | Economy