Integration of online Major Reference Works in, Spring 2024

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Expected Resolution Date

Jan 30, 2024

Start parallel run

Is now planned to start Feb 15, 2024

February 12

Feb 22,  2024

Parallel run started

Start Feb 22, ends on March 31, 2024

Has started

March 15, 2024

End parallel run

End of parallel run: visitors of will be redirected to

March 28, 2024

March 28, 2024 Integration completed We have completed paralel run.    


Starting January 2024, our Major Reference Works (MRW), that are currently published on, will be integrated with  After a short parallel run period, during which the current and the new platform will exist next to each other, we plan to switch off in early Spring 2024.

The new environment will be a major upgrade compared to the current environment. It will make life easier for institutional customers and provide a major enhancement on end user experience.

Institutional customers will find their MRW holdings on, the same place where they can already find information on their e-books and journals holdings. The Major Reference Works, part of, will fully comply with the last accessibility standards and will provide institutional customers with certified Counter 5 usage reports. The change will not impact your patrons  or cause any disruption/downtime.

End users of Brill’s Major Reference Works will enjoy better search facilities and will be able to use their current account on to make use of personalized tools, including saving searches, subscribing to new contents alerts, and annotating content.

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