Concordantiae Bibliorum utriusque Testamenti, 1581

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Voet reference number 1014
Museum Plantin-Moretus c:lvd:3251883
Title page transcription CONCORDANTIÆ ‖ BIBLIORVM ‖ VTRIVSQVE ‖ TESTAMENTI, ‖ VETERIS ET NOVI, ‖ PERFECTÆ ET INTEGRÆ; ‖ Quas re vera Maiores appellare possis. ‖ Opus sacrarum literarum studiosis apprimè vtilé, nunc tandem, post omnes quæ ‖ præcesserunt editiones, multis deprauatis locis commodè restitutis & castigatis ‖ summo studio ac labore illustratum. ‖ ⊕ 38 ‖ ANTVERPIÆ, ‖ Ex officina Christophori Plantini, ‖ Architypographi Regij. ‖ M.D.LXXXI.
Collation 4⁰ [215]: A-Z⁸, a-z⁸; AA-TT⁸, [VV⁲]; pages [1-1044]
Fingerprint 158104 - # b1 A2 non$r : # b2 2T5 t$nõ$
Number of sheets 130.50
Pages [1]: Title [2]: Christiano lectori typographus signed by (italic type) [3-1042]: Text (on four columns) [1043]: ANTVERPIÆ EXCVDEBAT CHRISTO- ‖ PHORVS PLANTINVS, ARCHITYPO- ‖ GRAPHVS REGIVS, ANNO DOMINI ‖ M.D.LXXXI. MENSE ‖ FEBRVARIO [1044]: Blank
Edition information
Copies Cambridge University Library- Peterhouse College, N 5.39) (Variant AMuseum Plantin-Moretus- 4-212) (Variant B
Bibliographical references Ruelens-de Backer, page 223 (1581, no. 3).Cockx-Indestege, E. Belgica typographica, 7701
Online bibliographical references STCV c:stcv:12923390USTC 440855
Note 1 Elaborate Latin 'concordantiae' of the Bible (Old and New Testament), in alphabetical order. According to B. de Troeyer, Bio-Bibliographia Franciscana Neerlandica saeculi XVI, II, 1970, page 554, these Concordantiae were compiled by Arlottus de Prato (Italian Franciscan; died in Paris, 1286).
Note 2 In the foreword to the reader the 'typographus' [= Plantin] explains that the publication was based on the Concordantiae published by Robertus Stephanus (Geneva, 1555, in folio: cf. Renouard, Annales de l'imprimerie des Estienne, page 86). In fact, Plantin's edition was largely a reprint of Estienne's publication, with however, some modifications. Plantin, as early as 1565, commissioned Estienne de Wallencourt to make a revised version: cf. Arch. 3, folio 30 (3 June 1565: 'J'ay payé à bon compte sur les concordances à Me Estienne de Wallencourt 12 florins Carolus guilders et luy ay promis 60 florins Carolus guilders pour conferer toutes les concordances de la Bible impression de Rob[ert] Est[ienne] excepté des parties indéclinables sur quoy ie luy ay promis payer chacunne semaine 35 stuivers iusques à fin de besongne ou de payment'); Arch. 3, folio 31; Arch. 4, folio 91; Arch. 31, folio 84 (7 May [1565]: 'de compte faict sur les concordances 6 florins Carolus guilders 7½ stuivers Nous avons accordé ensemble qu'il aura pour conferer tous les nombres des concordances impression de Robert Estienne excepté des particules indéclinables pour tout soixante florins Carolus guilders'; 1 November 1566: 'Item sur les Concordances' Wallencourt received 29 florins Carolus guilders 14 stuivers in cash and 7 florins Carolus guilders 6 stuivers in books, in all 37 florins Carolus guilders). It is not quite clear if Wallencourt finished the job, but it may be supposed that, when some 15 years later Plantin thought again of publishing the Concordantiae, the printer used Wallencourt's manuscript to start from, if not actually printing it as it stood.
Note 3 Plantin's project must have had some advance publicity as on 28 May 1579 the Lyons bookseller Charles Pesnot asked him 'Je vous prie me adviser si pretendés imprimer les Concordantiae bibliae 4⁰ ou non' (Corr., VI, no. 828). On 10 December 1579 Plantin could tell Buyssetius that he has on his presses 'Concordantiae Bibliorum in magno 4to' (Ibidem, no. 851, page 115). The printing was already well advanced in the spring of 1580 as Plantin mentioned in a letter of 7 May to Cuyckius (Corr., VI, no. 874; in this letter reference is made to some difficulties with the Louvain prior Joannes Vlimmerius about an annotated Bible, which, however, did not affect the printing of the Concordantiae). It was actually finished, as stated in the colophon, on 21 January 1581 (variant B) or in February 1581 (variant A).
Note 4 A good customer was the Antwerp publisher P. Bellerus, who on 23 June 1581 is noted down for 200 Concordantiae, for a value, at 3 florins Carolus guilders 10 stuivers per copy, of 700 florins Carolus guilders (Arch. 19, folio 132; cf. Corr., VI, no. 934).
Note 5 Listed in M 296, folio 3r (Concordantiȩ Bibliorum 4⁰ no[n] par[eille], 1581, f[euilles] -, [price:] florins Carolus guilders 3 stuivers 10), M 164, folio 6v (= date of 1580), and M 321 (sub 1581).
Note 6 The format has the size of and is given as an in 4⁰, yet the quires are numbered as for an in 8⁰; each numbered quire is in fact formed not by one but by two sheets. This means that the printing technique of the so-called 'imposition by half-sheet' was used (cf. L. Voet, The Golden Compasses, II, page 304; see also no. 722).
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