Rerum a Romanis gestarum libri IIII, [edited by Ioannes Stadius]. Leiden, 1584

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Voet reference number 1181A
Museum Plantin-Moretus
Author Lucius Annaeus FLORUS
Title page transcription L. IVLI FLORI ‖ rerum ‖ A ROMANIS ‖ GESTARVM ‖ LIBRI IIII. ‖ A ‖ IOANNE STADIO emendati. ‖ Altera editio aucta & correcta. ‖ Seorsum excusus ‖ IOANNIS STADI in L. Florum Commen- ‖ tarius, altera editione auctus & emendatus. ‖ ⊕ 41 ‖ LVGDVNI BATAVORVM. ‖ Ex officina Christophori Plantini. ‖ CIƆ. IƆ. LXXXIV.
Collation 8⁰ [123]: A-H⁸, I⁴; pages 1-136
Number of sheets
Pages [1]: Title [2]: Blank 3-9: Illustrissimae Heroinae Catharinae Claromontiae mareschallae Retziae Hieronymus Ioannis f. Stadius (Paris, 26 September 1579; words in italic type and greek type) 10-11: L. Carrionis in Florum a I. Stadio commentario illustratum epigramma (italic type and roman type capitals) 11: De studio eiusdem illustrissimae Heroinae Catharinae Claromontiae astronomico (s. Philippus Avenellius, Tours, 1577; italic type) 12: M.M. Ioannis Stadii mathematici excellentissimi (italic type); Philippus Avenellius mœrens amico suavissimo (note on the death of Ioannes Stadius; roman type capitals) 13-136: Text (italic type, parts and marginals in roman type and Ro capitals)
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Copies Leiden University Libraries
Bibliographical references Not in Ruelens-de Backer (cf. however following no.).
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Note 1 Revised edition of the 1567-publication, which, as in 1567, include the text-edition proper and the Commentarii on Florus's History by Joannes Stadius (see no. cp011503), the latter presented as a separate edition, but forming in fact with the text-edition but one volume and as such normally sold together with it.
Note 2 In the dedicatory, dated 26 September 1579, Hieronymus Stadius, son of Joannes, explains that his father (who died on 17 June 1579) had in the course of the years made many corrections and additions to his annotations on Florus. A new edition was planned, but Gymnicus at Cologne brought on the market a not-revised and bad version of Stadius's Florus. Hieronymus Stadius is greatly angered and warns the young people ('adolescentes') against using this version, asking them to prefer the Plantin-edition [of 1567].
Note 3 The spurious edition referred to is the one by Joannes Gymnicus, Cologne, 1579 (a copy in KBR Royal Library of Belgium). A letter of Plantin to Joannes Stadius, 10 April 1579 (Corr., VI, no. 827), gives interesting details on what happened. Plantin starts his epistle with stressing that he had told Joannes Stadius time and again (the last time he says at a personal meeting in August 1578) that he was prepared to publish Stadius's revised edition without the author having to pay anything. He continues with warning the scholar that Ludovicus Carrion, coming from Cologne, had seen there a very bad edition of Florus with Stadius's comments, published by Gymnicus. Plantin exhorts Stadius to make it possible to bring out immediately his revised version before Gymnicus's publication could start circulating, either by forwarding the text to Plantin or to any other printer he choses. Or else that he authorizes Plantin to bring out a new edition of the 1567-publication.
Note 4 Stadius's reply is not known. Anyway, he died soon afterwards. The dedicatory by his son, dated 26 September 1579, is an angry cry against Gymnicus, but does not say anything about what the heir of Joannes Stadius intended to do. In a letter of Jan Moretus to the Cologne bookseller Mylius, end October 1579 (Corr., VI, no. 845), Plantin's son-in-law, however, reveals that the Officina Plantiniana had obtained finally after much insistence from Stadius's son the manuscript of the revised text ('Jam menses fortassis quatuor elapsi sunt quod Stadium vitam mutasse mortalem certissimum sut. Amicorum precibus Florum [quem per annos exspectavimus] e filii manibus extorsum heri accepi'). In a letter to Buyssetius, 10 December 1579 (Corr., VI, no. 851, page 115), Plantin affirms to have on his presses ('Sub praelis habemus sequentia') 'Lucius Florus iterum a Stadio emendatus', but in another letter to Janus Dousa, 31 January 1580 (Corr., VI, no. 860) the typographer precises that he has only the intention to start printing the work at the earliest occasion ('Florus primo praelo ab aliquo opere liberato submitterem cum commentariis Stadii ab eodem ante ejus mortem recognitis'). For some unknown reasons (perhaps the political troubles) the project was postponed for another four years.
Note 5 'Lucius Florus, in 8⁰' figures in the list of works printed by Plantin in Leiden, a copy of which he presented to the Leiden magistrate on 2 January 1585 (this copy lost; cf. E. Hulshoff Pol, 'Boucken op 't secreet. Plantijndrukken op het raadhuis te Leiden' in Leids Jaarboekje, 1972, page 92).
Note 6 The edition was printed in Leiden, but a number of copies received a title-page with Plantin's Antwerp imprint.
Note 7 RDB, page 310 (1588, no. 20), referring to a bookseller's catalogue, notes an edition 'L. Julii Flori rerum a Romanis gestarum libri IV. Antverpiae, apud Christ. Plantinum, 1588, 1 vol. in 8⁰'. This must be an error for 1584.
Note 8 The work was later often reprinted (including a 1593-edition of Florus's text [without Stadius's comments] by the Officina Plantiniana; cf. the list in Biographie Nationale [de Belgique], 23, Column 532).
Note 9 Listed in M 296, folio 10Vo ([Lucius florus cum c[ommen] t[ari] o Jo. Stadii in 8⁰] Anno 1584, f[euilles] 24, [price:] stuivers 6), and M 321.
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