De proprietate sermonum, [edited by Hadrianus Junius], 1565

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Title page transcription NONIVS ‖ MARCELLVS ‖ DE PROPRIETATE ‖ SERMONVM. ‖ IAM demum innumeris locis restitutus, multis ‖ locupletatus, ope vetustissimorum codicum, ‖ & industria Hadriani Iunij Medici. ‖ AD D. MAXIMILIANVM IMP. ‖ Additus est in calce Fulgentij Placiadæ libellus ‖ De prisco sermone ab eodem repurgatus. ‖ INDEX VOCABVLORVM. ‖ ⊕ 17 ‖ ANTVERPIÆ, ‖ Ex officina Christophori Plantini, ‖ - ‖ CIƆ. IƆ.LXV. ‖ CVM PRIVILEGIO.
Collation 8⁰ [128]: A-Z⁸, a-p⁸, a-b⁸, c⁴; pages [1-16], 1-592, [593-632] (Errors: 47 for 45, 50 for 48, 112-113 for 110-111, 133 for 153, 190 for 192, 102-103 for 202-203, 106-107 for 206-207, 24 for 243, 255 for 245, 321 for 331, 462 for 464, 598 for 498, 514 for 584)
Fingerprint 156508 - # 1b1 A2 ra : # 1b2 Z5 stir - # 2b1 a l : # 2b2 p5 irgi - # c1 a po : # c2 c3 lie
Number of sheets 40.50
Pages [1]: Title [2]: Privilege (Brussels, 15 March 1563 old style, signed by I. Fabri, and Brussels, 4 January 1564 old style, s. De la Torre) [3-9]: Serenissimo…Maximiliano II imper. augusto…(s. Hadr. Iunius, Haarlem, 7 March 1565) [10-11]: D. Maximiliano eiusdem, ode gratulatoria [12-13]: Ioan. Sambuco Pannonio suo Hadr. Iunius medicus (Haarlem, 10 March; italic type, words in greek type) [14]: In Nonium Marcellum ab Hadriano Iunio emendatum, epigramma Iacobi Susii (italic type) [15]: In eundem, Laurentii Dacholii (italic type) [16]: In eundem G. Canteri (italic type) 1-30: Elenchus auctorum veterum (italic type) 31-581: Text (parts and marginals in italic type, words in greek type) 582: Candido lectori Hadr. Iunius (italic type) 583-592: Fulgentii libellus de prisco sermone (parts and marginals in italic type) [593-626]: Index (italic type; on three columns) [626]: Index vocum Graecarum (greek type; on three columns) [627]: Ob. Gifanius Hadriano Iunio (italic type) [628-629]: C. Plantinus lectori S [630]: Errata, et variae lectiones [631-632]: Privilege (Vienna, 21 February 1565, s. Haller)
Edition information
Copies Museum Plantin-Moretus- A 1763: with manuscript annotations [for a new edition, which never materialized ? in any case not by the hand of H. Junius]British Library London- 623. b. 18Not checked which variant of title-page: University Library Vrije Universiteit AmsterdamHeritage Library Hendrik Conscience AntwerpKBR Royal Library of BelgiumCambridgeGhent University LibraryBibliothèque nationale de FranceUtrecht University Library
Bibliographical references Ruelens-de Backer, page 45 (1565, no. 6)
Online bibliographical references STCV c:stcv:12925754USTC 401233
Note 1 Contains edited by Hadrianus Junius: a) The work of Nonius Marcellus (pages 31-581); b) 'Fulgentii libellus de prisco sermone, ad Chalcidium grammaticum Timaei Platonis ecphrasten' (pages 583-592): edition of the Expositio sermonum antiquorum of Fabius Placiades Fulgentius, probably end of the 5th century A.D.
Note 2 First critical edition of Nonius Marcellus. In the dedicatory to Emperor Maximilian and in the letter to Sambucus, Junius declares that he amended the text in more than 2,000 places. But, as Plantin explains in his note to the reader, the printing was finished before the editor had completed his work. The printer affirms, however, that when having received the additional notes and eventual remarks from other philologists he would issue a new improved edition - something which did not materialize. He explains furthermore that, due to absence (the scholar lived in Haarlem) and sickness, Junius had not been able to verify the printed sheets, so that Plantin had been obliged to compile himself the provisional list of 'Errata et variae lectiones', printed at the end of the publication (page [630]). Junius declares that he amended the text in more than 2,000 places. But, as ber of works, including, besides the Nonius Marcellus, also his Nomenclator and the editions of Eunapius and Martialis (cf. the letters of Plantin to Sambucus, 12 January 1566 [Suppl. Corr., no. 13] and to Cardinal Granvelle, 29 November 1567 [Ibidem, no. 47]). Very likely, Plantin started printing the Nonius Marcellus, expecting to receive in due time the promised corrections and notes, but as Junius defaulted, he was obliged to continue.
Note 3 The cost-accounting note in Arch. 4, folio 77, gives the following details about 'Nonius Marcellus ab Hadr. Junio restitutus': the wages for composing and printing are entered in 1565 on 27 January (B-G), 3 February (H-L), 11 February (M-Q), 17 February (R-Y), 24 February (Z, a-c), 4 March (d-i), 10 March (k-m), 17 March (n-p et a or A), and 24 March (a or A -b), amounting - including the 'pot de vin aux composit[eurs]' noted in the entry of 24 March - to 66 florins Carolus guilders 16 stuivers Of the edition '125' (= an error for 1,250) copies were printed, for which 108 reams of paper 'petit bastard' were used, which, at 1 florins Carolus guilders 4 stuivers per ream, came to 129 florins Carolus guilders 12 stuivers Quentinus Stenh[artsius] received for compiling the index 10 florins Carolus guilders 7½ stuivers, bringing the overall costs to 206 florins Carolus guilders 15½ stuivers Plantin entered at the end also: 'Item une pièce de sarge de Lisle pour présent coustant', but the value of this piece of cloth, intended very likely as a gift for H. Junius (who for other works received similar presents), was not noted.
Note 4 The compiling of the index is also listed in Arch. 3, folio 22v (Nonius Marcellus debiteur par casse: J'ay payé le 24 Mars [1565] à Me. Quentin Steenhartsius pour avoir colligé et mis en ordre d'imprimer Index Nonii Marcelli et 5 mains de papier: 10 florins Carolus guilders 7½ stuivers), and Arch. 31, folio 42v (Le 24 Mars pour Index Nonii Marcelli: 10 florins Carolus guilders).
Note 5 Two variants are known of the title-page (see following no.), but the reason is not quite clear. Anyway, the first quire (with title-page and dedicatory) was one of the last to be printed, and it is possible that this has caused some confusion.
Note 6 Listed in M 296, folio 12v (Nonius Marcellus de prop. serm., 8⁰, a⁰ -, f[euilles] 40½, [price:] stuivers 7).
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