Historia ecclesiastica del scisma del reyno de Inglaterra, 1588

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Title page transcription HISTORIA ‖ ECCLESIASTICA ‖ DEL SCISMA DEL REYNO ‖ DE INGLATERRA. ‖ Recogida de diuersos y graues Auto- ‖ res, por el Padre Pedro de Ribade- ‖ neyra, de la Compan̄ia de Iesus. ‖ Lo que su trata en esta Historia, se vera en la ‖ hoja siguiente. ‖ ⊕ 133 ‖ EN EMBERES, ‖ En casa de Christoual Plantino, ‖ Imprimidor del Rey. ‖ 1588.
Collation 8⁰ [128]: †⁸, A-Z⁸, a-b⁸; pages [1-16], 1-386, [387-400] (Errors: 279-280-281-280-281-284-285-284-285-288-289)
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Pages [1]: Title [2]: Note on the content (italic type) [3-8]: Al principe Don Felipe, nuestro Senor (s. Pedro de Ribadeneyra) [9-16]: El autor al christiano y piadoso letor (italic type, marginals in italic type) 1-4: Argumento…(italic type, marginals in italic type) 5-386: Text (parts and marginals in italic type) [387-393]: Table (italic type) [394-396]: Approbationes (Madrid, 4 May 1588, signed by Pedro Lopez de Montoya; Antwerp, 20 July 1588, s. Silvester Pardo) [397]: Privilege (Brussels, 28 July 1588, s. I. de Witte) [398-400]: Blank
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Copies Museum Plantin-Moretus- A 667KBR Royal Library of BelgiumBritish Library LondonBodleian LibrariesBibliothèque nationale de France.
Bibliographical references Ruelens-de Backer, page 312 (1588, no. 27) Backer-Sommervogel [S.J.], 6, column 1731 Palau y Dulcet, 16, page 431, no. 266273 Peeters-Fontainas, J. Impressions espagnoles, no. 1120
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Note 1 History of the schism of the Church of England, from the marriage of Catharina of Aragon with Henry VIII until the execution of Mary Stuart in 1587.
Note 2 Reprint of the first edition, published in Madrid, En casa de Pedro Madrigal, 1588 (cf. De Backer-Sommervogel and Palau y Dulcet).
Note 3 This publication of Ribadeneira was, as the Vita Ignatii Loiolae, forced upon Plantin by the Spanish authorities, especially de Çayas. As the typographer told F. Costerus, in a letter dated 10 August 1588, the 'Historia Ecclesiastica del scisma del Reino d'Inglaterra' had been forwarded to him by the secretary of Philip II with the explicit request to have it printed in Spanish and French (Corr., VIII-IX, no. 1389). Some finished sheets were already mailed by Jan Moretus to Joannes Hayus at Douai (to be forwarded to F. Costerus) on 1 September 1588 (Ibidem, no. 1401). In the draft of a letter to de Çayas of November 1588, Plantin let it be understood that he had finished the publication, but would not send a copy to de Çayas (as explained in another part of the letter: due to the insecurity of the communications with Spain) (Corr., VIII-IX, no. 1413: 'Non mitto librum de schisma Anglicano a me recusum').
Note 4 In the letter of 10 August 1588 to F. Costerus, Plantin explained that he was expected to publish a French version as well, and that for the translation he had thought of D. de Betencourt (Michel d'Esne, lord of Betencourt). But de Betencourt was busy on other translations (cf. Plantin's letters to J. Hayus, 3 September 1588 [Corr., VIII-IX, no. 1403] and to F. Costerus, 14 September 1588 [Ibidem, no. 1404]). In November 1588 Plantin had to tell de Çayas that up to that moment he had been unable to obtain a 'Gallica versio' (Ibidem, no. 1413). The project must finally have been shelved.
Note 5 Listed in M 296, folio 18r (Schisma dinglat[err]a Hist.a eccles.a P. Ribadeneyra, 8⁰, 1588, f[euilles] 26, [price:] stuivers 10), and M 321.
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