Promptuariolum Latinae linguae, 1562

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Museum Plantin-Moretus
Title page transcription PROMPTVARIO- ‖ LVM LATINÆ ‖ LINGVÆ: ‖ Ex quo dictionum Latinarum genera, modus de- ‖ clinandi & coniugandi, simul cum earum ‖ omnium propria significatione, Gallicè inter- ‖ pretata, facillimè depromi possunt. ‖ ⊕ 6 ‖ ANTVERPIÆ, ‖ Ex Officina Christophori Plantini. ‖ ANNO 1562. ‖ CVM PRIVILEGIO.
Collation 8⁰: A-Z⁸, Aa⁴, AA-II⁸, KK⁴; folios 1r-188v, 1r-76v (Errors: 1⁰) in quires numeration E⁵ for F⁳; 2⁰) 1st part: 91 ? for 95, 601 for 106, 161 for 126; 2nd part: 23 not numbered)
Number of sheets
Pages [1r]: Title [1v]: Typographus studiosis adolescentibus signed by (Antwerp, 1562; italic type); Privilege (Brussels, 27 March, s. Boudewijns) 2r-187v: Text (on two columns; roman type and italic type) 187v: ANTVERPIÆ, ‖ EXCVDEBAT CHRISTOPHORVS ‖ PLANTINVS, ANNO M.D.LXII. ‖ PRIMO OCTOB.;… 2r-76r: Text (on two columns; italic type and roman type) 76v: Blank
Edition information
Copies Municipal Library Troyes- 5-13-1622: folio 188 missing). (a photocopy in Museum Plantin-Moretus
Bibliographical references F. Claes, 'Het Promptuariolum Latinae linguae (1562) van Plantijn' in De Gulden Passer, 1973, pages 1-8 Not in Ruelens-de Backer
Online bibliographical references
Note 1 Latin-French dictionary (Promptuariolum Latinae Linguae), followed by a French-Latin dictionary (Les mots francois…tournez en Latin). In the only known copy, folio 188 has been cut out with the beginning of 'Les mots francois'. The cut page had probably on the recto a title-page and was on the verso blank. As the foliation and the numeration of the quires start again, it may be supposed that formally Les mots francois…tournez en Latin was presented as a separate publication.
Note 2 The foreword 'Typographus studiosis adolescentibus' is reproduced in Claes, page 2.
Note 3 In this foreword Plantin explained: 'En vobis, adolescentuli undique impressa, hoc novum plurimis in locis castigatum damus'. In the 1562-edition he does not quote explicitly the sources of his compilation but in the foreword to the 1564-Promptuarium he let it be understood that he followed the Dictionariolum published by Robertus Stephanus, by affirming that his 1562-edition surpassed Stephanus's Dictionariolum with some 1,800 expressions ('Tantum affirmare possum, prius a me editum anno 1561 [= 1562] Latinae linguae Promptuariolum mille et octingentis Latinis dictionibus Rob. Steph. Dictionariolum exuperasse'). Plantin's Promptuariolum with its appendix Les mots francois…tournez en Latin is indeed an adaptation of dictionaries issued by the Estiennes: the Dictionariolum puerorum Latinogallicum (perhaps after the editions published in Paris, 1559, and/or Lyons, 1559) and Les Mots francois (first edition in 1544; later titled: Petit Dictionaire Francoislatin, editions in Paris, 1559 and 1560). Cf. Claes, pages 3-4, who compared the Estienne editions with Plantin's Promptuariolum (and Les mots francois tournez en Latin) - and has some doubts about Plantin's bold affirmation that in his 1562-dictionary some 1,800 expressions were added.
Note 4 The compiler(s) who made for Plantin the Promptuariolum are not named, but were very likely proof-readers on his staff, and one thinks immediately of Cornelis Kiliaan (cf. Claes, page 5).
Note 5 The colophon of the Promptuariolum affirms that the printing was finished on 1 October 1562. This must be an error for 1 October 1561. The edition was indeed already on the market on 6 October 1561 (see below). Moreover, Plantin's goods have been sold on 28 April 1562 and he did only resume his activities in Antwerp at the end of 1563 (cf. L. Voet, The Golden Compasses, I, pages 34-44).
Note 6 On 6 October 1561 were shipped to Jochem du Rieu, Brussels, and on 7 October in a barrel to Paris, a number of books, each copy valued at 6 stuivers to 7 stuivers (= for the French booksellers), which must be identified with this edition ('Promptuariolum lat. gall. etc. 8⁰ Plantin', 'Promptuariolum, 8⁰, 1561, etc.') (Arch. 36, folios 13v-14r). Other sales include on 18 November 1561 four copies, at 6 stuivers per copy, to Ant[on] de Ausburch (Augsburg) (Ibidem, folio 16v), on 16 December 1561 twelve copies, at 7 stuivers per copy, to 'La Poule grasse' (Birckman) (Ibidem, folio 17r), and on 7 January 1562 two copies, at 6 stuivers per copy, to Maternus Cholinus in Cologne (Ibidem, folio 17v).
Note 7 Listed in M 296, Folio4v (Dictionarium latinogall. et gall. lat., 8⁰, 1562, f[euilles] 33, [price:] stuivers 6), and M 164, folio 8v; also in M 296, folio 14v (Promptuarium lat[inum] gall[icum], 8⁰, A⁰ 1562, f[euilles] 33, [price:] stuivers 6). The number of quires mentioned show clearly that both parts - the Latin-French and the French-Latin dictionaries - were normally sold together.
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