Institutiones ac meditationes in Graecam linguam, 1562 [1564]

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Title page transcription INSTITVTIONES ‖ AC ‖ MEDITATIONES ‖ IN GRÆCAM LIN- ‖ GVAM, N. CLENARDO ‖ AVCTORE: ‖ Cum succinctis Annotationibus, ac Latina ‖ Græcarum vocum interpretatione. ‖ ⊕ 6 ‖ ANTVERPIAE, ‖ EX OFFICINA CHRISTO- ‖ PHORI PLANTINI, AN. ‖ M.D.LXII. ‖ CVM PRIVILEGIO.
Collation 8⁰ [122]: A-H⁸, I⁴; pages 1-134, [135-136] (Errors: 70-71 for 90-91,74-75 for 94-95)
Number of sheets
Pages [1]: Title 2: Nicolaus Clenardus Francisco Hoverio, ludi literarii moderatori apud Mechlinienses, signed by (Louvain, 16 March 1530) 3-134: Text (italic type, parts in greek type, marginals in italic type and greek type) [135]: EXCVDEBAT CHRISTOPHORVS ‖ PLANTINVS ANTVERPIAE ‖ ANNO M.D.LXIIII. ‖ IDIBVS IVNII [136]: Blank
Edition information
Copies Bibliothèques de l'UMONS- 4239/54 L 11.117: pages 3-4 missingMunicipal Library Lille- 41061Abbey Maredsous
Bibliographical references Chauvin-Roersch, page 200 Not in Ruelens-de Backer.
Online bibliographical references
Note 1 Edition of the Institutiones only, notwithstanding the fact that on the title-page the Meditationes were also announced.
Note 2 The Institutiones in Graecam linguam is, as the title indicates, a Greek grammar, more especially for use in the grammar schools (details in Chauvin-Roersch, pages 60-64). The editio princeps appeared in 1530, Louvain, Rutgerus Rescius and Joannes Sturmius (Chauvin-Roersch, page 61). Clenardus's Institutiones immediately became very popular and was frequently reprinted: Chauvin-Roersch, pages 187 ff., lists between 1530 and 1561 40 separate editions and 9 editions in which it is joined to the Meditationes, published at Louvain, Paris, Cologne, Lyons, Venice, Antwerp, Dortmund, Geneva. Plantin's publication must be a reprint of one of these editions.
Note 3 In the forced sale of Plantin's belongings on 28 April 1562 are entered 'eenen hoop boecken Institutiones Cleonardi met meer andere [a heap of books Institutiones Cleonardi with more others]', for the price of 23 schellingen (= 6 florins Carolus guilders 18 stuivers) (Arch. 27, folio 21v). Other entries in the Plantinian archives show that in fact only the first two sheets had been finished at that time and were sold at the auction. Plantin bought them back and printed the missing parts. This explains why the title-page bears the date of 1562, whilst in the colophon it is stated that the work was finished on 13 June 1564. Very likely Plantin had originally in 1562 the idea of printing the Institutiones and Meditationes together, but owing to the difficulties encountered with the printing he finally preferred to issue the Institutiones (1562-1564) and the Meditationes separately (1564: see no. 1001).
Note 4 The man who bought the unfinished Institutiones at the auction and sold them back to Plantin was Plantin's Antwerp colleague, Guilielmus Silvius: on 30 April 1564 Plantin notes that he has received from Silvius the first two sheets of the Greek grammar of Clenardus he had printed in 1561. They had been estimated at the auction to amount to 5 reams, which, at 2 florins Carolus guilders per ream, came to 10 florins Carolus guilders Plantin enters this sum to the credit of Silvius, but adds that there are in fact not 5 but 10 reams (= meaning 2,500 copies of these first two sheets) (Arch. 3, folio 11r).
Note 5 The cost-accounting note in Arch. 4, folio 66, gives further details about the 'Grammatica graeca Clenardi 8⁰ 1564': the payment of 10 florins Carolus guilders 'pour les 2 premières feilles receues de M. Guill. Sylvius' is noted on 30 April 1564. The wages for composing and printing the other sheets are entered from 7 May till 11 June 1564, amounting, at 2 florins Carolus guilders 10 stuivers per quire, to 16 florins Carolus guilders 5 stuivers - miscalculated by Plantin to be 14 florins Carolus guilders 1 stuivers, bringing, with the 10 florins Carolus guilders paid to Silvius, the overall costs for printing to 24 florins Carolus guilders 1 stuivers The work contains 8½ sheets and as 2,500 copies were printed 45 reams (including the defects) of paper (a 'papier longuet de carillon' bought from Alexander le Clerc) were needed, which, at 1 florins Carolus guilders 8 stuivers per ream, came to 40 florins Carolus guilders 10 stuivers, bringing the overall costs to 64 florins Carolus guilders 11 stuivers Strangely enough, but very likely a new error of Plantin, in this paper-account the 10 reams of paper are also entered, representing the first two quires, bought from Silvius and in fact already entered under the costs for printing.
Note 6 According to the colophon the printing was actually finished on 13 June 1564.
Note 7 A good customer was precisely Guilielmus Silvius who on 3 August 1564 received 525 'Gramm. graec. Clen. de son nom' and 32 'Gramm. Clenardi de nostre nom' (Arch. 39, folio 61). The expression 'de son nom' (Plantin wrote first 'de son impression', but crossed out 'impression', changing it into 'nom') points to the fact that a number of copies must have received a title-page with Silvius's address. Maternus Cholinus, the Cologne bookseller and publisher, took some days later, on 29 August 1564, another 100 copies of the 'Grammatica graecca Clenardi 8⁰' which, at 1½ stuivers per copy, amounted to 7 florins Carolus guilders 10 stuivers
Note 8 The Greek type used was a cicero or median cut by Haultin: cf. the letter of Plantin to Pierre Porret, 7 July 1567 (Corr., I, no. 52, page 119).
Note 9 The references in M 296, folio 7v, and M 164, folio 14r, refer to a complete grammar (meaning the Institutiones and the Meditationes together), either the publication of 1562-64 or 1572: 'Gramm[atic] a grȩca Clenardi complet in 8⁰, f[euilles] 20, [price:] stuivers 3'.
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