Laudatio funebris V. C1. Ant. Augustini, archiepiscopi Tarraconensis, [1586]

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Record ID cp011959
Voet reference number 2193
Museum Plantin-Moretus
Author Andreas SCHOTTUS (SCHOTT)
Title page transcription AND. SCHOTTI ‖ LAVDATIO ‖ FVNEBRIS ‖ V. CL. ‖ ANT. AVGVSTINI, ‖ ARCHIEPISCOPI ‖ TARRACONENSIS. ‖ In qua de vita, scriptis' que disseritur: de ‖ perfecto item lurisconsulto, & Episcopo. ‖ ⊕ 41 ‖ EX OFFICINA PLANTINIANA.
Collation 4⁰ [166]: *⁴, A-E⁴, F⁲; pages [1-8], 1-43, [44]
Number of sheets
Pages [1]: Title [2]: Blank [3-7]: Ill…. Laevino Torrentio, episcopo Antwerp. And. Schottus S.P.D. (Tarragona, 1586; italic type, parts and marginals in roman type, words in greek type) [8]: illustration (portrait of Ant. Augustinus) and a 4 lines Latin poem by And. Schottus (italic type) 1-31: Text (parts and marginals in italic type) [32]: Inscription on funerary stone 33: Naenia in obitum Ant. Augustini V.C. (italic type, parts in greek type) 34-35: Libri ab Ant. Augustino…partim scripti, partim conscripti (parts in italic type) 36-37: Iudicia et eulogia doctorum hominum et iurisconsultorum de Ant. Augustino (parts in italic type) 37-38: Iudicium Ant. Augustini de eloquentia cum iurisprudentia coniungenda 38-39: Hieronymus Osorius, episcopus Sylvensis, ad Antonium Augustinum V.C. (italic type) 39: Antonius Augustinus ad Latinum Latinium, Romam (italic type, parts in roman type) 40: De Ant. Augustino Ant. Augustini patre (parts in italic type) 41-43: Elegia in laudem V.C. Ant. Augustini…Io. Gruteri Antwerp. (italic type, words in roman type) [44]: Blank
Edition information
Illustrations Woodcut, c. 122 × c. 88, on page [8]: Portrait in medallion of Antonius Augustinus, with his coat-of-arms
Copies British Library London- 4866. e. 32 [2]KBR Royal Library of BelgiumLeiden University LibrariesBibliothèque nationale de France.
Bibliographical references Ruelens-de Backer, page 290 (1586, no. 10) Backer-Sommervogel [S.J.], 7, column 870
Online bibliographical references
Note 1 Funeral oration of Antonius Augustinus, Archbishop of Tarragona (who from c. 1584 until his death in 1586 had been the host of Schottus), with some other texts related to the late archbishop.
Note 2 The printer's mark shows that this edition, without date and without an explicit printer's address (a simple 'Ex Officina Plantiniana'), has in fact not been printed in the Plantin Press in Antwerp, but in the Officina Plantiniana Francisci Raphelengii in Leiden (and is as such noted in RDB and De Backer-Sommervogel). It may be assumed that Raphelengius, living in Calvinist Leiden, found it indicated to show on this work of a prominent Jesuit, laudatory of a Spanish archbishop, an address that could point to the Antwerp press of his father-in-law.
Note 3 It may also be supposed that the edition has in fact been printed at a later date than 1586; perhaps 1587.
Note 4 It is not fully clear why this funeral oration by Schottus was published in Leiden, and not, as would have been more normal, in Antwerp. RDB affirms that the text has been edited by the Antwerp humanist Janus Gruterus. This cannot be proved, but an elegy on Augustinus by J. Gruterus is in any case included in the publication, and Janus Gruterus was in 1586-87 living in Leiden.
Note 5 Not listed in M 296 and M 321.
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