27 June 1585: s. B. de Corput (payment of a tax)

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Record ID cp011473
Voet reference number 377
Museum Plantin-Moretus c:lvd:1126868
Corporate Author ANTWERP: CITY
Title page transcription ⊕ 142 || Gheboden ende vuytgheroepen by || Iasparen van Conincxloo Onderschouteth, Bor- || germeesteren, schepenen, ende Raedt der || stadt van Antvverpen, den xxvij. || dach in Iunio 1585.
Collation 2° Broadsheet [234 x 142 mm]: [A]1; pages [1]
Fingerprint 000002 - # b1=b2 Corput $verstae 000002 - # b1=b2 Corput $verstae
Number of sheets 0.50 0.50
Pages [1]: Gheboden ende vuytgheroepen by ... (gothic type, parts in roman and italic type)
Edition information Issued on 1585,06,27.The coat of arms and initial indicates that this edition is printed by Plantin.The entire title reads: Gheboden ende uuytgheroepen by Iasparen van Conincxloo onderschouteth ... ende ... der stadt van Antvverpen, den xxvii. dach in junio 1585. Also ... promptelick opghebracht ende uitgereyckt sal worden een quotisatie van drye maenden op den selven voet gelijck de leste voorgaende ses-maentlicke quotisatie gheweest is soo eest dat ... men ... ghebiedt, dat ... de voorsz quotisatie van drie maenden sal ghehouden wesen ter stondt op te brenghenThis ordinance is authorised by Barth de Corput.
Copies Museum Plantin-Moretus - A 1844:206bis (Sammelband) - A 2010/I:45 (Sammelband) - L 496 (Remaining stock of unsold copies, contains 8 copies)Heritage Library Hendrik Concience - E 18497:1585,0026City Archives Antwerp - PK 2825:191KBR Royal Library of Belgium - LP 2902 C, 21 - V 3344, 178
Digital copies Museum Plantin-Moretus: L 496
Bibliographical references Cockx-Indestege, E. Belgica typographica 3262
Online bibliographical references STCV 12926719 USTC 412325 STCV c:stcv:12926719
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