Vita Ignatii Loiolae, 1587

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Museum Plantin-Moretus
Title page transcription VITA ‖ IGNATII ‖ LOIOLÆ, ‖ Qui Religionem Clericorum ‖ Societatis IESV instituit; ‖ A Petro Ribadeneira sacerdote Societatis eiusdem ‖ pridem conscripta, & nunc denuo recognita ‖ & locupletata. ‖ V. ‖ ANTVERPIAE, ‖ Ex officina Christophori Plantini, ‖ Architypographi Regij. ‖ M.D. LXXXVII.
Collation 16mo [96]: A-Z⁸, Aa-Oo⁸; pages 1-558, [559-592]
Fingerprint 158716 - # 1b1 A2 pis$r : # 1b2 Z5 scrip - # 2b1 a sq # 2b2 O5 eat
Number of sheets 18.50
Pages [1]: Title [2]: Privilege (Brussels, 26 January 1587, signed by I. de Witte) 3-5: Candido lectori Petrus Ribadeneira salutem… 6-18: Carissimis in Christo fratribus Societatis Iesu Petrus Ribadeneira S. (italic type, marginals in roman type) 19-558: Text (parts in italic type, marginals in roman type and italic type) [559-564]: Table (italic type) [565-589]: Index [590]: approbation (Antwerp, 23 January 1587, s. Silvester Pardo) [591-592]: Blank
Edition information
Illustrations V. on title-page: woodcut, 42 × 42 (monogram IHS surrounded by angels)
Copies Museum Plantin-Moretus- A 735Allard PiersonUniversity Library Vrije Universiteit AmsterdamHeritage Library Hendrik Conscience AntwerpKBR Royal Library of BelgiumBritish Library LondonFranciscan Convent, Weert.
Bibliographical references Ruelens-de Backer, page 299 (1587, no. 18) Backer-Sommervogel [S.J.], 6, column 1726 Palau y Dulcet, 16 Bib. catholica Neerlandica impressa, no. 3962Cockx-Indestege, E. Belgica typographica 4161 Bib. catholica Neerlandica impressa 3962 Backer-Sommervogel [S.J.] VI, col. 1726
Online bibliographical references STCV c:stcv:12924728USTC 406801
Note 1 Biography of Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuit Order, in five 'books'.
Note 2 The first Latin edition was published in Naples, Apud Josephum Cacchium, 1572 (the dedicatory letter is dated 1 May 1569); a second edition was issued in Madrid, Apud viduam Alphonsi Gomezii Regii Typographi, 1586 (Cf. De Backer-Sommervogel, 6, Columns 1725-1726).
Note 3 The publication had been somewhat forced upon the typographer by the authorities, as can be deduced from a letter of Plantin to P. Pantinus, 26 January 1587 (Corr., VIII-IX, no. 1200): in it the typographer explained how in August 1586, at the urging of Pantinus (then living in Spain), he promised to publish Loyola's biography, but had soon misgivings, when finding out that in 1586 editions had already been published in Cologne and Douai (such editions are not known). In the meantime, however, de Çayas sent him a copy of the Vita printed in Spain (= the Madrid-edition of 1586), asking to have it published. Plantin told de Çayas about the Cologne- and Douai-publications, but at the same time forwarded the Madrid-copy to F. Costerus, the great Jesuit scholar, who collated the text with the other publications and had it corrected and enlarged. At the urging of 'many people' Plantin finally decided to print it in a small format so that it could be used more easily by travellers ('…ut me cum eo hortati sint plurimi ad illum parva forma recudendum quo facilius itinerantibus usui esse posset'). Plantin expresses also the wish to dedicate the edition to de Çayas, but for one reason or another, this was finally not done.
Note 4 Plantin kept Costerus informed of how the work proceeded. On 24-28 May 1587 he had to tell the Jesuit scholar that he did not start printing owing to difficulties with his employees about wages (Corr., VIII-IX, no. 1257), but on 27 August 1587 he mailed a number of sheets 'postea impressos', meaning thus that other sheets had already been completed (and forwarded to Costerus) (Ibidem, no. 1296). On 19 November 1587 he informed de Çayas of having finished the printing some weeks before (Ibidem, no. 1321: 'Vitam P. Ignatii per R.P. Ribadeneram ante aliquot septimanas me impressam in 16⁰ uti cupiverunt P.P. harum regionum'). Copies were forwarded to Philip's secretary through Bernardus de Mendoça in Paris at the beginning of 1588 (letter to de Çayas, 8 March 1588: Ibidem, no. 1354).
Note 5 A Dutch translation of the first two books of Ribadeneira's Vita was prepared for printing as early as 1582, but it was finally not published by the Plantin Press (the original manuscript still in Museum Plantin-Moretus: Denucé, Manuscrits, page 24, no. 18).
Note 6 Listed in M 296, folio 19v (Vita Ignatii Loyolae, 16⁰, f[euilles] 18½, [price:] stuivers 7½), and M 321.
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