Adagiorum epitome, 1564

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Voet reference number 1128
Museum Plantin-Moretus
Author Desiderius ERASMUS
Title page transcription ADAGIORVM ‖ D. ERASMI ROTERO- ‖ DAMI EPI- ‖ TOME. ‖ Ex nouissima Chiliadum recognitio- ‖ ne excerpta. ‖ ⊕ 14 ‖ ANTVERPIÆ, ‖ Ex officina Christophori Plantini, ‖ - ‖ M.D.LXIIII.
Collation 8⁰ [133]: A-Z⁸, Aa-Ii⁸, [Kk⁲]; pages 1-479, [480-516] (Errors: for 3, 133 for 135, 290 upside down)
Number of sheets
Pages [1]: Title [2]: Blank 2 (= for 3)-479: Text (italic type, parts in roman type and greek type, marginals in roman type) 479-[480]: Auctorum catalogus (italic type, parts in roman type; on two columns) [481-515]: Indices (italic type, greek type words; on three columns) [515]: EXCVDEBAT CHRISTOPHORVS PLAN- ‖ TINVS ANTVERPIAE XXVI. IVNII, ‖ ANNO M.D.LXIIII [516]: Blank
Edition information
Copies Museum Plantin-Moretus- A 613- A 656Ruusbroec Institute LibraryKBR Royal Library of BelgiumCambridgeGhent University LibraryBibliothèque de Mons - Mons (Belgium)Bibliothèque nationale de FranceMazarine, ParisBourg Saint Maurice Public Library - Bourg (France, dép. Ain)Bibliothèque Municipale de Colmar - Colmar (France, dép. Haut-Rhin)DarmstadtBibliothèque Départementale des Pyrénées Atlantiques - Pau (France, dép. Basses-Pyrénées)Biblioteca CasanatenseBibliotheek Rotterdam - Rotterdam (The Netherlands)BNU National University Library Strasbourg - Strasbourg (France, dép. Bas-Rhin)Municipal Library TroyesMunicipal Library VerdunWeimar
Bibliographical references Ruelens-de Backer, page 43 (1564, no. 31; cf. also page 51 [1565, no. 26]: the Conradi Brunssenii epitome adagiorum, 1565, mentioned there, is to be identified with this 1564-edition) Bib. Belgica (1964–1970 éd.), II, page 338.
Online bibliographical references
Note 1 Abridged version of the great work of Erasmus, Adagiorum chiliades (1st edited by: Basel 1520; 1st edited by of the abridged version: Louvain, Th. Martens, 1521).
Note 2 The Plantin-edition of 1564 is a re-impression of the one of 1553 of S. Gryphius, Lyons (but without the foreword of Gryphius), itself a reprint of the Gryphius edition of 1544, which in its turn copied the edition of Cologne, J. Gymnicus, 1542 (being the Epitome arranged by Theodericus Cortehoevius [1st edited by: Antwerp, M. de Keyser, 1530] in the Antwerp-edition of 1540, completed by Eberhardus Tappius and Conradus Brunssenius).
Note 3 The cost-accounting note in Arch. 4, folio 65, gives the following details about 'Adagiorum Erasmi Epitome in 8⁰': the wages for composing and printing are entered from 5 March till 24 June 1564, and amount to 69 florins Carolus guilders 2 stuivers (including 6 stuivers 'pour la copie impression de Griphius', and 4 florins Carolus guilders 4 stuivers 'pour la faceon de l'index au table à mectre les nombres'). As each copy contains 32¾ (= in fact 32¼) quires and as 1,250 copies were printed, 83 reams of paper (including the 'imperfections') were used, in two kinds: 1⁰) 'et est faict de 77 rames 10 mains restantes du papier petit bastard de Rouen qui couste 20 stuivers la rame mais en faut oster les mains de dessus et de dessoubs qui sont cassées qui font 7 rames 15 mains lesquelles i 'estime à 15 stuivers la rame qui feroit 37 stuivers, moins lesquels 37 stuivers faut adiouxter sur le bon (?) imprimé qui sont 69 rames et 15 mains qui par ainsi reviennent à 71 florins Carolus guilders 12 stuivers; 2⁰) 'Item 13 rames 5 mains de Pericart', which, at 1 florins Carolus guilders 4 stuivers per ream, came to 15 florins Carolus guilders 18 stuivers, bringing the total expenses for the paper to 87 florins Carolus guilders 10 stuivers, and the overall costs to 156 florins Carolus guilders 12 stuivers
Note 4 Listed in M 296, folio 1r (8⁰; f[euilles] 31¼ (= in fact 32¼); [price:] stuivers 5½), and M 164, folio 1r.
Note 5 Erasmus, Junius, Brassicanus, a.o., Adagiorum epitomes, 1566 (cf. no. 1135, may be considered to be the second volume or a continuation of this work.
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