Libellus sodalitatis, hoc est christianarum institutionum libri quinque, 1587

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Record ID cp010538
Voet reference number 1040
Museum Plantin-Moretus c:lvd:792560
Author Franciscus COSTERUS (DE COSTER)
Title page transcription Libellus Sodalitatis: ‖ HOC EST, ‖ Christianarum Institutionum ‖ Libri quinque, ‖ In gratiam Sodalitatis B. Virginis Mariæ: ‖ Auctore ‖ R.P. FRANCISCO COSTERO ‖ Doctore Theologo Societatis IESV. ‖ V. ‖ ANTVERPIÆ, ‖ Ex officina Christophori Plantini, ‖ Architypographi Regij. 1587.
Collation 16mo [95]: *-**⁸, A-Z⁸, a-f⁸, g⁴; pages [1-32], 1-470, [471-472] (Errors: 14 for 13, 128 for 182, 230 for 430)
Number of sheets
Pages [1]: Title [2]: Gregorius XIII Pont. Max. in diplomate confirmationis Sodalitatis B. Virginis. X. Sept. M.D.LXXVII (italic type) [3-14]: Universae Sodalitati beatissimae Virginis Mariae…(signed by Franciscus Costerus; one marginal in italic type) [15]: Sodalitas Coloniensis catholico pioque lectori (italic type) [16-17]: Carmen Sodalitatis Moguntinae, quo sacratissimae Virginis Mariae Societati liber se commendat (italic type) [18]: Sodalitatis Treverensis ad Virginem Deiparam apostrophe (italic type) [19-22]: Approbationes (Mainz, 3 July 1585, signed by Stephanus Weberus; Cologne, Ioannes Walschartz Tungrensis; Trier, 12 June 1585, s. Decanus et Facultas Theologica Treverens.; Louvain, 23 April 1586, signed by H. Cuyckius) [23-26]: Table (italic type) [27-28]: Hymnus in laudem D. Virginis (parts in italic type) [29-32]: Professio fidei orthodoxae iuxta decretum concilii Tridentini edita 1-470: Text (parts in italic type, marginals in roman type and italic type) [471]: Privilege (Brussels, 17 March 1586, signed by S. de Grimaldi) [472]: Blank
Edition information
Variants A. vignette on title-page: engraving B. vignette on title-page: woodcut.
Illustrations In variant A: vignette on title-page: engraving, 45 × 60, representing the Virgin and Child, with at each side a kneeling man, and with an engraved text: a smaller version of the vignette on title-page of the 1586-edition, also executed by Pieter van der Borcht. The original drawing by Van der Borcht and the original copperplate are preserved in the Museum Plantin-Moretus-collections 2) In variant B: vignette on title-page: woodcut with the inscription IHS
Copies Museum Plantin-Moretus - A 223: variant ARuusbroec Institute LibraryGroot Seminarie - Great Seminary), Bruges (variant B
Bibliographical references Bib. Belgica (1964–1970 éd.), I, pages 856-857.
Online bibliographical references
Note 1 Reprint in 16mo of the in 8⁰ edition of 1586.
Note 2 Two editions in 16mo are known with the date of 1587 (see cp010720). M 321 lists under 1587 an edition in 8⁰ which is otherwise unknown (to all probability a confusion was made with the 1586 in 8⁰-edition) and continues 'Idem in 16⁰, Anno 1586, f[euilles] 16, [price:] stuivers 6½' (same reference but with the year 1587 in M 296, folio 9 verso: '[Institutiones Costeri] Eadem, in 16⁰, a⁰ 87, f[euilles] 16, [price:] stuivers 6½). The number of sheets given fits better the description of this edition (16 sheets: 512 pp; this edition: 15¾ sheets: 502 pages), than the other edition bearing the year 1587 on the title-page (15½ sheets: 496 pages). We may assume that this in 16mo publication was already finished in 1586, whilst the second in 16mo edition bearing the date of 1587 was actually printed in 1587.
Note 3 Plantin shipped on 14 December 1586 to the Jesuit College at Douai 400 Institutiones Sodalitatis 16⁰, worth, with the basket in which they were sent, 130 florins Carolus guilders 15 stuivers (Arch. 20, opening 21 left). In fact, this was considered to be a gift to the author: in Arch. 20, opening 321 left, Jan Moretus, notes 'desquels (= the 400 Institutiones Sodalitatis shipped on 14 December 1586, the 200 Meditationes in Passionem [see cp010152], sent on 13 March 1587, and the 300 Meditationes B. Mariae [see cp012318], sent on 27 August 1587) mon pere ne veult pas quen soit tenu compte pour estre lesdicts baillez et envoyez au Rd. Pere Costerus pour recompense de ses copies qu'il a baillées'.
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