Amstelredamsche zee-caerten, 1585

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Museum Plantin-Moretus c:lvd:1132914
Author Aelbert (Albert) HAYEN (HAEYEN)
Title page transcription [Within frame of fleuron type-ornaments:] Amstelredamsche ‖ ZEE-CAERTEN. ‖ Niet sonder excessiue oncosten der seluer ‖ Stede / met grooter neersticheyt ende ‖ moeyten / den Zeeuaren̄ ten besten / ‖ nieuwelick by een vergadert / ‖ Door Aelbert Haeyen. ‖ Waerinne soo schriftelick, als met Caerten claer ‖ ende ooghenschijnlick aenghevvesen vverden ‖ de svvaricheden van Gronden, Vuylen ende ‖ Sanden, die een Zeeman souden moghen ont- ‖ moeten, tusschen de Hoofden ende Schaghen, ‖ int vvt ende in seylen vanden Stroomen, Riuie- ‖ ren ende Hauens, tusschen beyde gheleghen. ‖ V. (typographical fleurons) ‖ TOT LEYDEN, ‖ By Christoffel Plantijn / ‖ voor Aelbert ‖ Haeyen van Amstelredam. ‖ M.D.LXXXV.
Collation Folio [233]: *⁴, A⁴, B⁲, C-H⁴, I-K⁲; pages [1-8], 1-56, [57-58]
Number of sheets
Pages [1]: Title [2]: Blank [3-8]:…Miin heeren borghemeesteren, schout, schepenen, ende XXXVIch raeden der wijdt vermaerde coopstadt Amstelredamme (Amsterdam, 31 August 1585, signed by Aelbert Haeyen; gothic type, parts in roman type) [8]: Errata (roman type and gothic type) 1-56: Text (gothic type, parts in roman type and civilité type, marginals in gothic type) [57]: Privilege (to Hayen: The Hague, States-General, 12 October 1585, s. Vosberghen and C. Aerssens; civilité type, lines in roman type) [58]: Aen den boeckbinder [59-60]: Blank
Edition information
Illustrations Copper engravings: 1) 4 maps (207 × 312) with the representation of the coasts of Holland-Zeeland and Northwest Germany: tip-in illustrations printed on one side of a double sheet, but in the typographical text indications where they have to be pasted in: 1º) between 24-25: coasts of Holland 2º) between 34-35: coast of Eemderlant 3º) between 44-45: coast of the mouths of Elbe, Weser and Eider 4º) between 56-[57]: coast of Southern West-Jutland. Names, descriptions and other indications on the maps in Dutch; on all 4 maps the name of the designer, 'Aelbert Haije van Haerlem', the name of the engraver, 'Henricus Rijcken Haerlemensis', and the date 1585. 2) One map was probably pasted in later [between pages 12-13], and may be considered to be a supplement (207 × 325): representation of the islands of Zeeland printed on a double sheet, with, on the front and back sides, text in gothic type with the heading 'Om in die Maes te seylen zo als mijn den eerbaren Raedt vanden Briel door haer daer toe gheordineerde lootsman Jacob Bouwenssen Anno 1586 overghegheven heeft' (Indications to sail in the Meuse as given to me by the council of De Briel through the thereto ordered pilot Jacob Bouwenssen in the year 1586); on the map the name of the designer, 'Aelbert Haye van Haerlem', the name of the engraver 'Harmen Muller' and the date 1586. All the maps in the Museum Plantin-Moretus-copy are coloured by hand
Copies Museum Plantin-Moretus- R 53.9National Maritime Museum, Greenwich - Greenwich (Great Britain)
Bibliographical references Koeman, Atlantes Neerlandici, IV, page 221 Not in Ruelens-de Backer
Online bibliographical references
Note 1 Maritime atlas with 5 maps and nautical descriptions of the Dutch, North-German, and West-Danish coasts between the Channel and Cape Skagen, compiled by A. Hayen.
Note 2 In the dedicatory to the magistrate of the city of Amsterdam Hayen explains how the city-fathers explicitly entrusted him with the making of this work.
Note 3 According to the title-page the edition was printed by Plantin in Leiden at the cost of the author, who very likely also took charge of having the maps engraved, the plates becoming his property.
Note 4 As Hayen's dedicatory is dated 31 August 1585 and the privilege 12 October 1585 the work must have been realized, or in any case finished, after Plantin left Leiden for Antwerp, in the officina run at that time by his wife.
Note 5 Hayen's maritime atlas was re-issued with the same maps in 1591, 1605, 1609 and 1613 (cf. Koeman, pages 221-222).
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