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Museum Plantin-Moretus c:lvd:969269
Author Caius Julius CAESAR
Title page transcription [Within woodcut-compartment:] † C. IVLII □ CÆSARIS ‖ COMMENTARII, ‖ DE ‖ BELLO GALLICO ‖ ET CIVILI. ‖ Eiusdem librorum, qui de- ‖ siderantur, Fragmenta. ‖ Omnia nunc opera & indicio viridoctri emendata & edita. ‖ ⊕ 39 ‖ ANTVERPIAE, ‡ Ex officina Christoph. ‖ Plantini, M.D.LXXXV.
Collation 16mo [96]: *-***⁸, A-Z⁸, a-p⁸; pages [1-48], 1-530, [531-608] (Errors: 338 for 438, 185 for 485, 485 for 495)
Number of sheets
Pages [1]: Title [2]: Blank [3-4]: Christophoro Plantino S.P. (words in greek type) [5-6]: Nomina locorum…Galliae, quae his in Commentariis habentur…(on two columns, roman type and italic type) [7]: Nomina quarundam urbium, et locorum Hispaniae (on three columns; italic type) [8-19]: Technical illustrations with comments by Ioannes Iucundus Veronensis [20-47]: Epistolarum fragmenta (italic type, parts in roman type and greek type, marginals in roman type) [48]: Blank 1-348: Text of Caesar (italic type) 349-472: Text of the works of Hirtius (italic type) 473-530: Veterum Galliae locorum…alphabetica descriptio…quae apud Caesarem in Commentariis sunt; et apud Cornelium Tacitum: auctore Raymundo Marliano [531-552]: Indices (on two columns, parts in italic type) [553-556]: De Galliae divisione Aldi Manutii Paulli F. Aldi N. commanterius ad Franciscum Morandum Sirenam (parts in italic type and greek type) [557-606]: Indices (on two columns; words in greek type) [607]: Privilege (Vienna, 21 February 1565, signed by Haller) [608]: Blank
Edition information
Illustrations 1) 5 woodcuts, 90 × 60, illustrating the notes of Joannes Jucundus, on pages [8], [12], [14], [16], [18] 2) two woodcut-maps, 130 × 170, on loose sheets (missing in Museum Plantin-Moretus, A 1135, but traces that at least the map of Gaul had previously been pasted in). The same illustrations as in the preceding nos
Copies Museum Plantin-Moretus- A 1135Cambridge
Bibliographical references Not in Ruelens-de Backer.
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Note 1 New publication of the works of Caesar edited by a 'vir doctus', who wrote also the foreword 'Christophoro Plantino S.D.' without signing it. This 'vir doctus' has been said to be Justus Lipsius (cf. BB, I, pages 418-419), but why should the famous scholar have refused the honour (or the blame) for editing the Commentarii ? In the editions of 1586 (Leiden-Antwerp); see following no.) and 1593 (Leiden, F. Raphelengius) he remains still an anonymous 'vir doctus'. He is perhaps to be identified with F. Raphelengius sr. or - more likely - the young Fr. Raphelengius jr., grandson of Plantin, who in those years edited e.g. the works of Seneca (cf. nos. 2198-2199).
Note 2 As explained in the dedicatory to Plantin, the editor didn't publish the text from a manuscript but took into consideration the annotations by various scholars (naming Hotomannus, Faernius and Ursinus).
Note 3 Contains, besides the Commentarii of Caesar and the works of Hirtius, the Fragmenta (edited by F. Ursinus and published for the first time in Plantin's 1570-publication). From the preceding Plantinian editions have also been taken the Index at the beginning, the notes of Joannes Jucundus with the illustrations, the 'Alphabetica descriptio' of Raymundus Marlianus, the 'Index locupletiss. Latino Gallicus' (first published in 1578), the 'De Galliae divisione' of Paulus Manutius (also first published in 1578). The 'Index rerum et verborum' (pages [557-606]) has been added.
Note 4 Listed in M 296, folio 2v ([Commentaria Caesaris] Eadem a⁰ 1585, 16⁰, f[euilles] 21, [price:] stuivers 7), M 164, folio 6r, and M 321.
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