Variarum lectionum libri XV, 1580

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Museum Plantin-Moretus
Author Marcus Antonius MURETUS (MURET)
Title page transcription M. ANTONII ‖ MVRETI ‖ VARIARVM ‖ LECTIONVM ‖ LIBRI XV. ‖ AD ‖ HIPPOLYTVM ESTENSEM, ‖ CARDINALEM, AC PRINCIPEM ‖ ILLVSTRISSIMVM. ‖ ⊕ 29 ‖ ANTVERPIÆ, ‖ Ex officina Christophori Plantini, ‖ Architypographi Regij: ‖ M.D.LXXX.
Collation 8⁰ [131]: *⁸, **⁴, A-Z⁸, a-c⁸, d⁴; pages [1-24], 1-422, [423-424] (Errors: 9 not numbered, 339 for 139, 162 for 262)
Number of sheets
Pages [1]: Title [2]: Blank [3-8]: M. Antonii Mureti in libros variarum lectionum praefatio ad Hippolytum Estensem cardinalem ac principem…(italic type) [9-21]: Table (italic type) [22]: Cl.V.M. Antonio Mureto I.C. Chr. Plantinus S.D. (Antwerp, 2 March 1580) [23]: Privilege (Brussels, 29 November 1574, signed by I. de Witte) [24]: Blank 1422: Text (parts in italic type and greek type) [423]: approbation (s. Walterus van der Steeghen, Antwerp) [424]: Blank
Edition information
Copies Museum Plantin-Moretus- A 679KBR Royal Library of BelgiumCambridgeRoyal Library of San Lorenzo de El EscorialBritish Library LondonBibliothèques de l'UMONSBibliothèque nationale de France
Bibliographical references Ruelens-de Backer, page 216 (1580, no. 12)
Online bibliographical references
Note 1 Studies on passages in Latin authors brought together in 15 'books'.
Note 2 Reprint (with minor changes) of the Variarum lectionum libri VIII, including the dedicatory to Cardinal Hippolyte d'Este, published in Venice, Ex officina Jordani Zilleti, 1559 (a copy in Museum Plantin-Moretus, B 525), with the addition of seven new 'books'.
Note 3 Plantin must have been contacted by Muretus through the Netherlandish Jesuit Joannes Gravius, residing in Rome (cf. his letter to Gravius, 19 June 1574: Corr., IV, no. 537). Some months later, in September 1574, Plantin wrote directly to Muretus affirming to be willing to print the works of the French scholar (Ibidem, no. 558). Some of the following correspondence must have been lost. It looks as if in the beginning Plantin and Muretus agreed to reprint simply the latter's Variarum lectionum libri VIII. On 29 November 1574 Plantin had already obtained a privilege for printing this work (Arch. 1179, no. 171) (when in 1580 the Lectiones were finally printed in 15 books, Plantin reproduced the privilege of 29 November 1574 on page [23], but changed the title from '…Variarum Lectionum libri octo', as given in the privilege, into '…Variarum Lectionum libri XV'). Soon, however, additional 'books' must have been promised by the author: in his letter to Gravius of 1 January 1575, Plantin states to have received the 9th 'book' and to be waiting for the others (Ibidem, no. 599: 'Variarum Lectionum Mureti libros VIII prius et postea nonum recepi alios expecto'). Those remaining 'books' were long to come. In June 1576 Plantin got the 12th 'book' (10 and 11 must have been forwarded earlier in the year) and asked somewhat impatiently when the remaining ones would be sent (cf. his letters to Muretus, June 1576 [Corr., V, no. 727], to H. Ciofanus, 8 June 1576 [Ibidem, no. 728], to Muretus, June 1576 (?) [Ibidem, no. 730], to Muretus, beginning of July and 24 August 1576 [Suppl. Corr., nos. 131 and 132]; see also the extract from the letter of J. Lipsius to Muretus, 1 July 1576, on the 11th 'book': Suppl. Corr., no. 130). The printer had to wait another two years. He told Herman Hortemberghe on 16 February 1578: 'J'ay de long temps receu le 9, 10, 11 et 12, des livres Variarum Mureti, outre les huict premiers par luy corrigés et augmentés et n'eust l'attente des quatre autres, je les eusse passé long temps imprimés, ce que je suis encores prest de faire quand il luy plaira me les envoyer, ou bien ceux icy seulement quand il me l'ordonnera' (Corr., V, no. 787). But finally, with his letter of 24 June 1578 (Ibidem, no. 799), Muretus mailed three other 'books', specifying that they were the last, and asking to reserve a 'folium' at the beginning for the dedicatory as he had not yet made up his mind to whom to dedicate his work; but he would keep the text rather short (cf. also the letter of H. Hortemberche to A. Ortelius, 25 [June ?] 1578: Suppl. Corr., no. 138). It was now Plantin's turn to postpone - a fact for which he excuses himself in the letter to Muretus, dated Antwerp, 2 March 1580, included in the edition (on page [22]), blaming the delay on the troubled situation in the Netherlands. And it became now Muretus's turn to write an impatient letter on 1 June 1579; not preserved but mentioned in Plantin's answer of 9 July 1579, in which the printer, between his excuses, reminds the scholar that he has not yet received information about the dedicatory. As soon as Plantin should have received it, he would start printing (Suppl. Corr., no. 141; cf. also Ibidem, no. 145). On 10 December 1579, in a letter to Buyssetius, Plantin, detailing the works he has on his presses, includes 'Variae lectiones D. Mureti in 8⁰' (Corr., VI, no. 851, page 115). This he confirms in his letter to Muretus, 10-12 September 1579, in which the printer again takes up the problem of the dedicatory, asking the author to notify him as soon as possible if he wishes to reproduce the dedicatory as it appeared in the original edition or prefers no dedicatory at all (Corr., VI, no. 852). Plantin mailed, as the printing proceeded, finished sheets to Rome (cf. letters of 15 March 1580 and 14 May 1580: Corr., VI, nos. 868 and 875), but it is not quite clear if he received an answer on the subject of the dedicatory, and if it finally was the printer or the author who decided to keep as only dedicatory the one to Cardinal Hippolyte d'Este, already published in 1559. The work was at last finished in May 1580 and 50 copies shipped to the author in Rome, as Plantin tells in a letter of 4 August 1580 to Joannes Matalius Metellus (Corr., VI, no. 885).
Note 4 The Parisian bookseller Michel Sonnius took at least 50 copies (letter of Sonnius to Plantin, 24 January 1582, stating that he has verified his account with Plantin, and found it to be correct 'si non les 50 Lectiones Mureti obliés lesquelz ay adjousté cii après': Corr., VII, no. 977).
Note 5 Listed in M 296, folio 11v (M.A. Mureti variarum lectionum Libri XV, 8⁰, 1580, f[euilles] 28, [price:] stuivers 9), and Ms. 321.
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