Syngagogues of East-Central Europe 1782–1944

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Author & Curator

Rudolf Klein.


Ágota Bába.


Budapest, Hungary, 2014. Booklet, 36 pp., illustrations: 60 col., 21 × 21 cm. English.


Traveling exhibition (2014–2016)


A traveling exhibition prepared in Budapest of images of synagogues in East-Central Europe, principally from the 19th C, sponsored by the Cultural Department of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These structures were presented as testimony to the process of Jewish emancipation, the different degrees of tolerance in this region with respect to the Jews, and the striving of the Jews for modernity while adhering to certain aspects of their ancient traditions. Introduction. Five essays: Jewish Emancipation in East-Central Europe, Synagogue Architecture as a Genre, Typology and Genealogy of Synagogues in 19th-Century East-Central Europe, The Synagogues of East-Central Europe Today, and The Synagogue Rescue Program of the Hungarian Government. 20 exhibition panels.


This exhibition is a condensed version of #2108 and #2116.


Additional catalogs were produced in other languages, including Slovenian, Bulgarian and French.

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Synagogues, ancient, Eretz IsraelSynagogues, AustriaSynagogues, Central EuropeSynagogues, CroatiaSynagogues, Czech RepublicSynagogues, Eastern EuropeSynagogues, HungarySynagogues, PolandSynagogues, RomaniaSynagogues, SerbiaSynagogues, SlovakiaSynagogues, SloveniaSynagogues, Ukraine


Helsinki, Finland (November 2014); Stockholm, Sweden (November–December 2014); Los Angeles, Calif., USA (November 2014–January 2015); Munich, Germany (November 2014–February 2015); Tel Aviv, Israel (November 2014–February 2015); Riga, Latvia (December 2014–January 2015); Astana and Almaty, Kazakhstan (January–March 2015); Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (February–March 2015); Berlin, Germany (March 2015); Rome, Italy (March–April 2015); Brussels, Belgium (April 2015); St. Petersburg, Russia (April 2015); Agudath Israel Congregation, Ottawa, Canada (April–May 2015); Bern, Switzerland (April–August 2015); Lisbon, Portugal (May 2015); Moscow, Russia (May–June 2015); Vilna, Lithuania (May–August 2015); Copenhagen, Denmark (June 2015); De Glazen Haal, The Hague, Netherlands (25–28 September 2015); Belgrade, Serbia (September–October 2015); Chisinau, Moldova (September–October 2015); Maribor Synagogue, Slovenia (6 September–18 October 2015); Skopje, Macedonia (September–November 2015); Żydowski Instytut Historyczny (ZIH), Warsaw, Poland (14–28 October 2015); Athens, Greece (October 2015); Ljubljana, Slovenia (October 2015); Minsk, Belarus (October 2015); Prague, Czech Republic (October–November 2015); Bucharest, Romania (October 2015–February 2016); Kiev, Ukraine (November–December 2015); Bratislava, Slovakia (January–February 2016); Strasbourg, France (January–February 2016); Pristina, Kosovo (February 2016); Tirana, Albania (February 2016); Uzhhorod, Ukraine (February 2016); Sofia, Bulgaria (March–April 2016); Prague, Czech Republic (April–May 2016); Mexico City, Mexico (May 2016)

Related publications

Klein, Rudolf, Zsinagógák Magyarországon 1782–1918: fejlődéstörténet, tipológia és építészeti jelentőség, 2011; Klein, Rudolf, Synagogues in Hungary 1782–1918, 2017.

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