Alles hat seine Zeit. Rituale gegen das Vergessen. A Time for Everything. Rituals Against Forgetting

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Felicitas Heimann-Jelinek, Bernhard Purin.


Felicitas Heimann-Jelinek.


Munich, Germany, 2013. 187 pp., illustrations: 74 col., 29.5 × 24.5 cm. German and English.




Jüdisches Museum München (27 February–1 September 2013)


An exploration of Jewish ritual practices that commemorate pivotal ideas, moments and experiences, ensuring that they will be remembered throughout time. 55 objects serve as points of departure for thinking about these rituals (especially those associated with rites of passage) and their associated strategies. Material presented according to the idea they commemorate: the Temple, Life, the Fatherland, the Law, Creation, the Camps, etc. The final section challenged the visitor to remember that which has been intentionally forgotten—in this instance, the brothel at Dachau. Exhibits included the Hitler Haggadah. In-depth entries. 55 items.

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Aleph-Bet books/sheetsAmuletsAntisemitic images/objectsBet AlphaBridal/Wedding beltsChallah boards/platesChuppah stoneCoinsElijah’s chairElijah’s cupGermanyHaggadotHaggadot, illuminated manuscriptsHand-washing vesselsHanukkah lampsHanukkah lamps, synagogueHavdalah sets/compendiaHebrew illuminated manuscripts, Ashkenaz, 15th CHebrew illuminated manuscripts, Ashkenaz, 15th–16th CHebrew illuminated manuscripts, Bohemia-Moravia & Germany, 17th–19th CHevra Kadisha beakersHevra Kadisha utensilsJudah Loew Pinhas (scribe-artist)Keter TorahKiddush clothsKiddush cupsMemor booksMeshal ha-KadmoniMizrachOmer calendarsPesach cupsPesach platesPesach plates, 3-tieredPostcardsPrayerbooks/MahzorsRimmonimScrolls of Esther, parodiesScrolls of Esther, rollersSukkahSukkah decorations, UshpizinTankards/JugsTassTorah binders

Related ephemera

Pressemappe. Alles hat seine Zeit. Rituale gegen das Vergessen [Press Kit. A Time for Everything. Rituals Against Forgetting], distributed by the Jüdisches Museum Berlin and including exhibition leaflets, guide booklets, and extensive press information about the exhibition and its contributors; Exhibition program, Jüdisches Museum München, 27 February–1 September, fold-out brochure, 21 × 10.5 cm; Exhibition guide booklet with list of 55 exhibits and descriptive entries, 40 pp., 1 b&w illus., 20 × 15 cm. German and English editions; Exhibition guide booklet produced for the Berlin showing, with list of 54 exhibits and descriptive entries. Cat. nos. 4, 7, 19 and 27 are new to the exhibition (replacing other items from the original show), and are not included in the catalog. The booklet is misbound and lacks entry for cat. no. 16. 40 pp., 1 b&w illus., 20 × 15 cm. English; Invitation to exhibition opening, single card, 14.6 × 21 cm, 1 col. illus.; Invitation to exhibition opening in Berlin, postcard, 1 illus., 14.8 × 21 cm.

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Jüdisches Museum Berlin, Germany (18 October 2013–9 February 2014)

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