Treten Sie ein! Treten Sie aus! Warum Menschen ihre Religion wechseln

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Translated title Step Right In! Step Right Out! Why People Change their Religion

Regina Laudage-Kleeberg, Hannes Sulzenbacher.


Hohenems, Austria, 2012. 342 pp., illustrations: 117 col., 7 b&w, 24 × 17 cm. German.




Jüdisches Museum Hohenems (23 October 2012–24 March 2013)


The phenomenon of conversion, and how different religions deal with it. Catalog in three sections: Theories Behind Conversion, Conversion in European History, and The Present Debate Over Conversion, each with individual essays and case studies of both famous personalities (Gustav Mahler, Edith Stein, Gracia Nasi, et al.) and average citizens. Historical essays include: Judaism and Conversion in the Late Antique Period (Gerhard Langer), conversions from Judaism to Islam in the Middle Ages (Stefan Schreiner), Jewish Conversions in Medieval Ashkenaz (Martha Keil), and the Marranos in Spain and Portugal in the Early Modern Period (Yosef Kaplan), etc. No itemized listing.


The exhibition was extended until 7 April 2013.

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Cairo GenizahHaggadot, illuminated manuscriptsHanukkah lampsHebrew illuminated manuscripts, Bohemia-Moravia & Germany, 17th–19th CHistorical documentsHistorical photographsJoseph ben David of Leipnik (scribe-artist)KetubbotNathan the Wise (Lessing)Prayerbooks/MahzorsTalitTorah (scroll)Torah binders

Other venues

Museum Judengasse Frankfurt, Germany (15 May–15 September 2013); Jüdisches Museum München, Germany (2 October 2013–2 February 2014)

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