Ōkurashō Insatsukyoku, [Complete laws and regulations] 法令全書 | Hōrei zensho (Tokyo: Ōkurashō Insatsukyoku, etc. 1867—).Hōrei zensho is a monthly print edition of laws and regulations appearing in the gazette. It contains what are in effect session laws, including all statutes and administrative regulations made since 1867. An annual cumulative index is published. National Diet Library, [Index to Japanese law] 日本法令索引 | Nihon hōrei sakuin (Tokyo: National Diet Library, 2014—), https://hourei.ndl.go.jp/SearchSys/index.jsp. Japanese. This online version of a former print publication is extremely useful for identifying Japanese laws and regulations and determining their current status (in force or abolished) and legislative history.