Appendix 2: His Majesty’s Letters, Farmans, Hukms, Manshurs, Proclamations (Ishtiharat), Instructions (Dastur Al-ʿAmals) Quoted Verbatim or in Close Paraphrase (Abbreviations: K.= Khan; M.=Muhammad; S.=Sardar)

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Page (of Kabul text) Recipient Subject Date 383–84 S. ʿAbd al-Quddus K. envoy of the Khan of Khwarazm 21.XII.1298 14.XI.1881 388 S. M. Ishaq K. S. ʿAbd al-Quddus K. early 1299 late 1881 388 S. ʿAbd al-Quddus K. office of mustawfi early 1299 late 1881 388 S. Anbiya K. Taymani commendation early 1299 late 1881 389–90 S. ʿAbd al-Quddus K. reprimanded for exceeding his authority 7.II.1299 29.XII.1881 390 S. ʿAbd al-Quddus K. warned not to act without instructions early 1299 early 1882 393 Sayyid Mah...

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