Brill's New Pauly Supplements II Online – Volume 11

Greek and Roman Military History

in Brill's New Pauly Supplements Online II
This Pauly Supplement volume does not treat military history purely as the history of war, but understands it in the context of all societal, political, economic, technological, cultural and religious phenomena related to the army and warfare in the Greco-Roman world. It also pays due attention both to the history of scholarship and to the specific types of sources.
Across its 190 or so entries written by leading scholars, the volume investigates general contexts of ancient military history as well as many specific issues: the strategies, systems, dimensions and weaponry of ancient warfare; significant historical events (including wars and military reforms); key individual figures (generals, politicians), and fundamental topics in the history of warfare (philosophical and legal discussions regarding the justness of war, military law, religion, administration).
The reception of ancient military history since Antiquity is also considered, along with representations in ancient and post-ancient literature and art. Comprehensive indices also facilitate the investigation of even the most recondite topics. This volume thus stands out from other works on ancient military history in terms of its structure, its scholarly approach and the range of its content.

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