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Weston's & Carlson's Basic Documents

This online documentary compendium gathers in a single easy-to-use collection the most significant and influential legal primary sources of the post-WWII global order. It is both a comprehensive documentary history of public international law over the past 70 years and an anthology of currently operational international instruments. Organized topically and chronologically, the collection provides easy and quick access to the most important international legal materials affecting the foundations of world public order; the laws of war; human rights; international trade, investment, and development; and environmental protection.

Users can quickly trace the history and current state-of-play of international lawmaking in dozens of areas, including, for example, the curtailment of weapons of mass destruction, the expansion of women’s rights, control of the narcotics trade, and regulation of international fisheries. Hundreds of key documents are presented in full text, with up-to-date information about the location and legal status of each document.

The primary source collection provides access to a multitude of often difficult to find documents including treaties, agreements, charters, concluding documents, conventions, covenants, decisions, declarations, draft articles, final acts, general acts, joint statements, manifestos, memoranda, pacts, procès-verbals, protocols, resolutions, rules, and statutes. Fully searchable, cross-referenced and externally linked, this unique compendium and upgraded platform offers researchers an essential, current and comprehensive source of international legal materials.

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Burns H. Weston† & Jonathan C. Carlson
An essential source of historical and contemporaneous information for international civil servants and diplomats, governmental officials, nongovernmental (citizen action) organizations, practicing lawyers, academicians, and students of international and transnational affairs.
Burns H. Weston†, B.A. (1956) in History, Oberlin College; LL.B. (1961) and J.S.D. (1970), Yale Law School; Bessie Dutton Murray Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus, The University of Iowa. Widely and extensively published in books and articles, he specializes in human rights law and policy.
Jonathan C. Carlson, B.A. (1976), with First Class Honors in Philosophy/Political Science, McGill University; J.D. (1979), University of Chicago. He publishes on international trade law, international environmental law, and the law of global climate change.