International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law Online

Available online for the first time, the International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law Online offers full-text searching across all archival content published in this renowned reference work over the last three decades. The Encyclopedia is the first broad, systematic and international compendium of comparative law.

This massive work represents the labour of hundreds of lawyers and scholars throughout the world. It is undoubtedly the most extensive and thorough examination of comparative law on the international level ever published. It incorporates not only detailed descriptions of the legal systems of more than 150 countries but, above all, thoroughly documented comparative analyses of the main issues in civil and commercial law and related issues world-wide.

The original print edition consists of 17 volumes, each divided into 6-20 chapters and written by relevant specialists following intensive research and preparation.

Features and benefits:
- Full-text searchable
- Organized into digestible entries
- Fully hyperlinked indexes
- Personal search tools
- Advanced browsing and searching features
- COUNTER compliant statistics (COUNTER4)
- Cross search with other related titles

The complete Table of Contents, with links to the chapters, is available here.

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Volume indexes are available for all content appearing in a final print volume edition (IIIIVVVIIXXIXIIIXIVXVXVI). Searching using index terms will navigate the user to the beginning of the paragraph in which the term appears. All content is full-text searchable. Index terms are grouped based on their first letter: A-Z.

Index Volume III. Private International Law


Index Volume IV. Persons and Family


Index Volume V. Succession


Index Volume VII. Contracts in General


Index Volume X. Restitution – Unjust Enrichment and Negotiorum Gestio


Index Volume XI. Torts


Index Volume XIII. Business and Private Organizations


Index Volume XIV. Copyrights and Industrial Property


Index Volume XV. Labour Law


Index Volume XVI. Civil Procedure


All those interested in the fields of comparative law, international and foreign law, legal historians.