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Edited by Marci Hoffman
Acclaimed by librarians, academics, and researchers alike, the Foreign Law Guide (FLG) is an essential database offering relevant information on sources of foreign law, including complete bibliographic citations to legislation, the existence of English translations and selected references to secondary sources in one virtual destination. Broad in content and global in scope, the FLG is an indispensable resource for comparative law research and a fundamental tool for developing a foreign and comparative law collection. Approximately 190 jurisdictions are systemically covered and updated by a global team of experts.

The Foreign Law Guide is updated every month. Download more information about the latest updates here.

Now offering coverage of the United States.

Each jurisdictional entry provides reliable information, such as:
• An introductory overview of the legal system and legal history;
• An outline of the judicial and legislative system;
• Primary and secondary sources of law and legal information;
• Links to major online sources;
• Identification of major legal publications.

The unique “Materials Indexed” feature presents a list of publications that provide full-text legislation, summaries of laws or translations, or detailed monographic treatment of laws on specific subjects, and serves as an important development tool for foreign and comparative legal collections.

Published by Brill since 2012, the FLG is now presented in a revised and increasingly user-friendly environment. Supporting the already well-established FLG brand, the new database offers a revised structure for the presentation of the rich content for each country, implementing the following enhancements:
• Improved content organization and structure;
• Upgraded search and browsing functionality allowing users to save, send, and email results;
• Streamlined and reorganized subject headings;
• Copy and paste functionality for Word processing;
• Advanced search capabilities;
• Personal preferences options allow researchers to access search history, and export search results to bibliographic software.

Long the standard research tool for researching foreign and comparative law, the FLG will continue to serve as the single-most important guide for librarians, students, practitioners and academics.

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Co-Founding Editors: Thomas H. Reynolds and Arturo A. Flores

Assistant Editor: Mary Rumsey, University of Minnesota

Editorial Advisory Board:
Robin Gardner, High Court of Australia
Michelle Hou, International Committee of the Red Cross Library
Soon Kim, University of Toronto Faculty of Law
Petal Kinder, High Court of Australia
Teresa Miguel, Yale Law Library
Pedro Padilla, University of Puerto Rico
Marcelo Rodriguez, University of Arizona College of Law Library
Jeroen Vervliet, Peace Palace Library
Jean Wenger, Cook County Law Library
Jules Winterton, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies Library
Alex Zhang, Duke University School of Law
Librarians, academics, researchers, and students of foreign and comparative law will find an indispensable and time-saving resource in the FLG.
Marci Hoffman is Lecturer in Residence and Associate Director of the University of California, Berkeley Law Library. She served as the foreign, comparative and international law librarian at the University of Minnesota Law Library from 1993 to 1999 and was the international and foreign law librarian at Georgetown University Law Library from 1999-2003. In summer 2003 she began serving as the international and foreign law librarian at the University of California, Berkeley Law Library, and was appointed associate director of the law library in 2006. Ms. Hoffman teaches an international and foreign legal research seminar. She has done extensive work with the American Society of International Law and is an expert on international and foreign law resources and legal research. Ms. Hoffman also has broad experience working with human rights materials and was the co-director of the University of Minnesota Human Rights Library. She has written a number of articles on international and foreign legal research, and in 2003 she developed an international law web portal called Electronic Information System for International Law ( In addition, Ms. Hoffman is the co-author, with Mary Rumsey, of International and Foreign Legal Research: A Coursebook (2d ed. 2012). She recently received the 2012 Distinguished Librarian Award from the Librarians Association of the University of California, Berkeley.
"In short, the FLG is highly authoritative as are its General Editor, Marci Hoffman, and its publisher, Brill, which are both among the best in their fields. […] FLG is one of the best places to find answers to questions that match its purposes." - James Hart, in: FCIL NEWSLETTER, Volume 32, Issue 1, October 2017
"The Foreign Law Guide is an indispensable resource for beginning any foreign law research project and for considering a comprehensive array of country-specific materials. Its authoritative and thorough country-by-country analysis has made my job easier on a daily basis." – Heidi Frostestad Kuehl, Foreign, Comparative, and International Law Librarian, Northwestern University School of Law
"If you were stuck on a desert island and forced to do foreign legal research, you’d want to take the Foreign Law Guide, a source that many foreign and comparative international law librarians call “the Bible” of foreign law research." – Mary Rumsey, Foreign, Comparative and International Law Librarian, University of Minnesota
"I highly recommend the Foreign Law Guide, which includes … scholarly accounts of constitutional legal histories and comments on legislative and judicial systems." – Lesley Dingle, Foreign and International Law Librarian, Squire Law Library, University of Cambridge, and Founder of Eminent Scholars Archive
"Foreign Law Guide’s superb citations are keys to unlocking the riches of your print and electronic collections. FLG is the ultimate FCIL information leveraging tool." – Don Ford, Foreign, Comparative, and International Law Librarian, University of Iowa College of Law Library
The Foreign Law Guide systematically covers the following jurisdictions.

- Afghanistan
- Albania
- Algeria
- Andean Community
- Andorra
- Angola
- Anguilla
- Antigua and Barbuda
- Argentina
- Armenia
- Aruba
- Australia
- Austria
- Azerbaijan
- Bahamas
- Bahrain
- Bangladesh
- Barbados
- Belarus
- Belgium
- Belize
- Benin
- Bermuda
- Bolivia
- Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, Saba
- Bosnia-Herzegovina
- Botswana
- Brazil
- British Virgin Islands
- Brunei
- Bulgaria
- Burkina Faso
- Burundi
- Cabo Verde
- Cambodia
- Cameroon
- Canada
- Cayman Islands
- Central African Rep
- Chad
- Chile
- China
- Colombia
- Congo (Brazza)
- Congo (Kinshasa)
- Costa Rica
- Côte d’Ivoire
- Croatia
- Cuba
- Curaçao
- Cyprus
- Czech Republic
- Denmark
- Dominica
- Dominican Rep
- Ecuador
- Egypt
- El Salvador
- Estonia
- Ethiopia
- European Union
- Falkland Islands
- Finland
- France
- Gabon
- Gambia
- Georgia
- Germany
- Ghana
- Greece
- Grenada
- Guatemala
- Guernsey
- Guinea
- Guinea-Bissau
- Guyana
- Haiti
- Honduras
- Hong Kong
- Hungary
- Iceland
- India
- Indonesia
- Int.Conven.&Treaties
- Introduction
- Iran
- Iraq
- Ireland
- Isle of Man
- Israel
- Italy
- Jamaica
- Japan
- Jersey
- Jordan
- Kazakhstan
- Kenya
- Korea
- Kosovo
- Kuwait
- Kyrgyzstan
- Laos
- Latvia
- Lebanon
- Liberia
- Libya
- Liechtenstein
- Lithuania
- Luxembourg
- Macedonia
- Madagascar
- Malawi
- Malaysia
- Mali
- Malta
- Mauritania
- Mauritius
- Mexico
- Moldova
- Monaco
- Mongolia
- Montenegro
- Montserrat
- Morocco
- Mozambique
- Myanmar
- Namibia
- Netherlands
- New Zealand
- Nicaragua
- Niger
- Nigeria
- Niue
- Norway
- Oman
- Pakistan
- Panama
- Papua New Guinea
- Paraguay
- Peru
- Philippines
- Poland
- Portugal
- Qatar
- Romania
- Russia
- Rwanda
- Saudi Arabia
- Sénégal
- Serbia
- Seychelles
- Sierra Leone
- Singapore
- Sint Maarten
- Slovak Republic
- Slovenia
- Somali
- South Africa
- Spain
- Sri Lanka
- St. Chris-Nevis
- St. Lucia
- St.Vince&Grenadines
- Sudan
- Surinam
- Sweden
- Switzerland
- Syria
- Tadzhikstan
- Taiwan
- Tanzania
- Thailand
- Togo
- Trinidad & Tobago
- Tunisia
- Turkey
- Turks & Caicos Islands
- Tuvalu
- Uganda
- Ukraine
- United Arab Emirates
- United Kingdom
- United States
- Uruguay
- Uzbekistan
- Vanuatu
- Venezuela
- Vietnam
- Yemen
- Zambia
- Zimbabwe