Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World Online

Managing Editor:
The Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World (EJIW) is the first cohesive and discreet reference work which covers the Jews of Muslim lands particularly in the late medieval, early modern and modern periods. The expanded online version, EJIW Online (started in 2010), is updated twice annually with newly commissioned articles, illustrations, multimedia, and primary source material.
EJIW Online now includes the analytical index, which was recently awarded the Wheatley Medal 2011; the list of Internet resources; the unique survey of Jewish journals in the Islamic world; and the maps. The encyclopedia has been awarded the 2011 Judaica Reference Award by the Association of Jewish Libraries.
The Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World is also available in print, visit for more information.
Features and Benefits - Interdisciplinary articles cover a wide range of topics from history, law, music, visual arts, social sciences, philosophy, anthropology and demography - Alphabetical order and cross-references enable quick and easy searching - Over 150 color and black and white illustrations, graphs and maps - Over 2,200 entries and 1.5 million words - Updates will include new articles, illustrations and multimedia - The only reference work of its kind - Up-to-date research and bibliographies make it indispensable for all levels of users - Over 350 internationally-renowned scholars from all over the world

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Managing Editor:
Executive Editor Norman A. Stillman
Medieval Iberia Angel Saenz-Badillos
Medieval Arabic-Speaking World Meira Polliack
Modern Arabic-Speaking World (post 1492) Phillip I. Lieberman
Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey Yaron Ayalon
Persia, Modern Iran, Kurdistan, Caucasus and Central Asia Vera Basch Moreen
Language & Linguistics Ofra Tirosh-Becker
Modern Literature Monique R. Balbuena
Post-medieval Mashreq and Libya Rachel Simon
Music Edwin Seroussi
Social sciences Norman A. Stillman