Brill's Encyclopedia of Critical Understanding in Education

Comprising thousands of entries Brill’s Encyclopedia of Critical Understanding in Education Online is a fully searchable and hyperlinked database, containing all volumes published in our book series Critical Understanding in Education. It provides historical developments and current issues present in various disciplines related to critical thinking and understanding in Educational Research. As the field of education is multidisciplinary and broad in scope, its relevancy stretches far beyond Education itself. Educational researchers share interests and methods with the social, language, economic and STEM sciences. The range of topics this encyclopedia covers therefore reflects its multidisciplinary nature.

This encyclopedia fills the demand for a foundational reference work in the Educational Research market on Critical Theory, Critical Thinking, and Critical Understanding in Education. Curated by seasoned series editors, every existing and forthcoming volume has contributions from global top-researchers in their respective specialties.

Ultimately, Brill’s Encyclopedia of Critical Understanding in Education Online aims to fuel conversations between established and future scholars, demonstrate the accumulation of critical knowledge, provide a platform for critical understanding, and open up possibilities for influencing (international) praxis.

The Encyclopedia of Queer Studies in Education was awarded Choice’s Outstanding Academic Title 2022.

The Encyclopedia of Critical Understandings of Latinx and Global Education was awarded the 2022 AESA Critics' Choice Book Award.

Features and benefits:
• Cross-linked topics across volumes for easily accessible related entries
• New volumes published every year
• Older volumes regularly updated with new material
• New related entries rendered with every added volume, linking recent research developments to the existing overview of the field
• Interdisciplinary material relevant to anyone wishing to gain a critical understanding of expansive, current socio-cultural themes encountered in Education
• MARC21 records

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Undergraduates, MA students, doctoral students, academics, curriculum makers, policy makers, teachers, think tanks, and international organizations, particularly those with an interest in education, curriculum and teacher development studies, and all social studies.
“It is time for an online searchable major reference work in critical education.“
Dr Carolyne Ali-Khan, Foundations & Secondary Education, University of North-Florida

"This volume" … [demonstrates a] careful consideration of the implications of theory connected to practice that are teased out throughout each entry. The contribution of the volume to the field is in the significant potential it has to make to the field of criticality in education studies.”
Dr Mark Vicars (PhD), College of Arts & Education at Victoria University (on Encyclopedia of Queer Studies in Education).

“The series would be highly attractive as a complete reference work for libraries.”
Dr Mark Vicars (PhD), College of Arts & Education at Victoria University.