Chinese Research Perspectives Online

Economy, Education, Environment, Law, Population and Labor, and Society

The Chinese Research Perspectives Online includes English translations of contributions selected from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Yearbooks. The Chinese-language CASS Yearbooks, published by Social Sciences Academic Press, are edited principally by leading researchers from CASS and other top research institutions and universities in China. The Yearbooks include up-to-date information, data and discussions of China’s top scholars on contemporary issues in their country. The English-language Chinese Research Perspectives Online covers six subject areas*: Economy, Education, the Environment, Legal Development, Population and Labor, and Society. Each subject area has an international editorial board to review and select contributions that provide English readers with firsthand information and insights produced by Chinese scholars. The selected contributions are translated into English and included in this Chinese Research Perspectives Online, which provides interested students, scholars and policy makers with rich source materials on the current developments and trends of a wide range of social aspects in China.

*Among the six subject areas, Economy and Legal Development were terminated since 2012. The other four subject areas continue to have annual updates in this online product.

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International Advisory Board
Economy: Albert Park (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Education: Chen Yangbin (La Trobe University), Gregory Fairbrother (The Hong Kong Institute of Education), Gerard Postiglione (University of Hong Kong), Heidi Ross† (Indiana University)
Environment: Judith Shapiro (American University), David Sonnenfeld (State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry), Yang Guobin (University of Pennsylvania)
Law: Sarah Biddulph (University of Melbourne), Albert Chen (University of Hong Kong), Pitman Potter (University of British Columbia)
Population and Labor: Cai Fang (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), Kam Wing Chan (University of Washington), William Lavely (University of Washington)
Society: Yanjie Bian (University of Minnesota), Nan Lin (Duke University), Xueguang Zhou (Stanford University)
"The Chinese Research Perspectives Online contain a valuable set of data and information[...]a treasure trove of scientific papers and data that by far exceeded my expectations." - Ron van Oers, Vice Director, World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for Asia and the Pacific, WHITRAP Shanghai