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The Africa Yearbook covers major domestic political developments, the foreign policy and socio-economic trends in sub-Sahara Africa – all related to developments in one calendar year. The Yearbook contains articles on all sub-Saharan states, each of the four sub-regions (West, Central, Eastern, Southern Africa) focusing on major cross-border developments and subregional organizations as well as one article on continental developments and one on European-African relations. While the articles have thorough academic quality, the Yearbook is mainly oriented to the requirements of a large range of target groups: students, politicians, diplomats, administrators, journalists, teachers, practitioners in the field of development aid as well as business people.

The Africa Yearbook Online offers access to all yearbooks and is automatically updated upon publication of the new yearbook.

The Africa Yearbook is an indispensable reference work for scholars, journalists, diplomats and (non)governmental organizations.

Features and Benefits
- Easy navigation through the different sub-region(s) by year
- Articles per country from the best scholars in the field
- Each article includes domestic politics, foreign affairs, socioeconomic developments
- Includes general articles about international relations
- Articles include the general facts and figures per country
- Direct links within the articles to country level
- Main keywords are represented in bold for easy navigation and reading
- Annual update upon publication of the new yearbook (Volume 1 of the Africa Yearbook was published in 2005)
- Annual update with African Studies Companion

The Africa Yearbook is also available in print, for more information visit Africa Yearbook.

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The editors for the African Yearbook changed over the years. The next table gives an overview of the editors for each year/volume. The citation information at the bottom of each page only mentions the latest editors.

Volume(s) Year(s) Edited by:
1-10 2004-2013 Andreas Mehler, Henning Melber, and Klaas van Walraven
11 2014 Sebastian Elischer, Rolf Hofmeier, Andreas Mehler, and Henning Melber
12-13 2015-2016 Jon Abbink, Sebastian Elischer, Andreas Mehler, and Henning Melber
14 2017 Jon Abbink, Victor Adetula, Andreas Mehler, and Henning Melber
15 2018 Victor Adetula, Benedikt Kamski, Andreas Mehler, and Henning Melber
16-18 2019-2021 Albert K. Awedoba, Benedikt Kamski, Andreas Mehler, and David Sebudubudu
Seidu M. Alidu
Benedikt Kamski
Andreas Mehler
David Sebudubudu
The Africa Yearbook contains articles on all sub-Saharan states, each of the four sub-regions:
• West Africa
• Central Africa
• Eastern Africa
• Southern Africa